New Use for an Old Spice Rack

At Redhead Can Decorate, Julie just figured out something that’s pretty nifty.  “It was 7 am and I was making my husband’s tea.  My droopy eyes wandered onto the spice rack Rick gave me for Christmas 21 years ago.”  Something about that spice rack caught her eye.

Redhead can decorate spice rack before

Julie looked at the packaging (called “K-cups” for the tea she was brewing in her Keurig machine, and realized it was the same size as the holes in that spice rack.  Since Julie uses her Keurig much more often than the spices in that spice rack, she was quick to switch out spices for K-cups!  Now Julie has the perfect way to keep her K-cups organized and ready for brewing nearby her Keurig.  Better still, this project didn’t cost her a cent–just made better use of what she already had on hand.

Redhead can decorate spice rack after

Click over to Redhead Can Decorate to get the recipe for coffee cake that Julie shared along with this K-cup storage tip.

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