Embellished Tin Cans

You may remember the aqua tequila bottle and tin can that Shannon from Fox Hollow Cottage blinged out with jewelry this summer. They got a lot of love over here on Roadkill Rescue. Well, after that lovely repurpose, Shannon still had tin cans aplenty that were patiently awaiting their makeovers.


With some burlap, jute, and vintage shoe clips, Shannon again shows that tin cans are for far more than storing green beans! These pretties are great for holding fresh flowers, pencils, or just adding some sparkle to a space.

trio tin can makeover

Go to Fox Hollow Cottage to see more pics of Shannon’s pretty cans.


  1. What a great find!

    • I love that anyone could walk out to the recycling bin or trash and make their own! Thanks for reading, Shelly!

  2. These look great! Who would of thought that tin cans can look so Glam!

  3. Gotta love some can glam!

  4. Thanks for sharing my shabby cans 😉 It’s great to do something fun with them besides throwing them in the recycle bin!

  5. Such a fabulous way to turn something you are going to throw away into a beautiful display piece!

    • You are so right! I love this project because it shows that you don’t have to spend a lot for classy decor.

  6. great idea!

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