Sweater Vase Cozies

You may remember the sweater pillows I recently made for a friend’s home. With colder weather in the future, it got me thinking about other fun sweater upcycling projects. Alicia from Thrifty and Chic wowed me with this fun idea for repurposing an old sweater.

repurposed sweater

Alicia used the sleeves from some sweaters to create cozies for her vases. You know they get cold too {wink}.  I love this look for winter and, like Alicia points out, the warmth and texture it lends to a space.

ThriftyandChic Sweater Vases

Find the tutorial at Thrifty and Chic.

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2 thoughts on “Sweater Vase Cozies

  1. I have sweater chunks left over from craft projects, plus a new stash of sweaters from fall rummage sales (can’t beat 50 cents each). I’m thinking about putting them together in a patchwork quilt-style sofa throw of neutrals–white, cream, ecru, linen–to highlight the textures and line it with a flannel blanket. Nice to see creative ways to use what we have!

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