Play Kitchen from a Nightstand

Jenna at SAS Interiors was trying to figure out a way to make a little kitchen for her two year old daughter, who loves to play with pretend food.  So when Grandma showed up with this old nightstand–a thrift store night stand, Jenna knew she could turn it into the perfect spot for her daughter to play.

With a little inspiration from Pinterest and a lot of her own creativity, Jenna completely transformed that old dresser into the cutest little kitchenette ever!  I adore the darling orange trim and the fun of an oven drawer.

You can check out all the fun details and how-to’s of this project at SAS Interiors.


  1. love this Beckie! hopping over to check out the tute!


  2. I have that exact nightstand at my house begging for a makeover. I won’t be turning it into a kitchenette, but this was really fun to see. xo

    • Let me know when you do give it a makeover! I’d love to see it whether or not it turns into a little kitchen.

  3. Oh my! Now that’s a great idea!!

  4. Jerri C. TN says:

    Love this. Absolutely adorable!!!

  5. Very cute! Love it!

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