Recycled Tuna Box

Susan came across this empty box on the shelves at her local grocery store.  She felt a little silly admitting it, but there was something about the size and shape that really appealed to her, so she brought it home along with her groceries and set about finding a good use for it.  It took Susan–who blogs at Organized 31–a few months, but she finally realized that it could be used for holding CD’s and DVD’s.

Susan dressed up the box with some wrapping paper designed to look like vintage newsprint.  It looks great on her shelf, now, and makes a perfect place to store the CD’s that she needs to use in her office area.  Better still, it cost her nothing!  I’m super impressed that Susan could re-imagine a humble tuna fish box into something useful and good looking for her home.  (That newsprint wrap is just right for office decor, don’t you think?)

Look for an easy tutorial on this CD holder that Susan says took less than 10 minutes to make at Organized 31.

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