Embellished Can and Bottle

Isn’t it cool to think that a tin can from last night’s green beans can become a beautiful piece of décor for your home? Shannon from Fox Hollow Cottage shows just how easy it is, especially if you’ve got some bling in your jewelry box that rarely sees the light of day.

ponytail holder to decor

Shannon painted one of her many saved tin cans and an old bottle and then distressed them with steel wool to allow the metal and glass to peek through. She jazzed up the bottle with a sparkly doodad from an unused ponytail holder and the tin can with a ribbon scrap twisted into a rose. Shannon points out that these pretty containers would be great for holding flowers, craft supplies, make up brushes… you name it!

shabby painted home decor can and bottle

Find the how-to at Fox Hollow Cottage.


  1. Oh that’s so pretty – love it!

  2. I love this!!!

  3. Oh so wonderful!! Love repurposing something quite ugly into a gorgeous vase…well done!

  4. It’s not just anyone who can take bottles and cans and turn them into beautiful art. Fox Hollows’ finds are now…. beautiful art!


  5. I love this! Shannon is so creative!

  6. Oh I just adore what Shannon did with this bottle and can! Such a clever and creative project. Great color choice too. Go Shannon! you ROCK:)!

  7. Shannon you are the bomb dilly bomb girl! Amazing what you did with these bottles- simply so clever and pretty pretty! :)

  8. The perfect bottle upcycle!

  9. Adorable! And perfectly executed.

  10. This is such an amazing project! And I thought Shannon was all about the pool noodle wreath …



  11. Wow! Those turned out so pretty!

  12. Thanks so much for my first ever roadkill rescue feature =) I was tickled to be here!!

  13. Shannon really knows how to rock aqua paint! Love a bit of bling too!

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