Pallet Storage Crate

Karah from The Space Between is a sucker for the gray patina of an old pallet, and, lucky for her, she finds them at many construction sites around her little island of Curacao. She recently found those acquired pallets useful when she decided to solve a storage issue in her tiny kitchen.


For ZERO dollars Karah made a cute little crate from the pallet to store her canned goods. Of course, she couldn’t resist stenciling on a few numbers and a "destination" for her new crate. Karah definitely prefers her new crate to having her pantry items stored in the television stand!

pallet to crate

Find the tutorial at The Space Between.


  1. YAY!! Always so fun to be featured over here. Thank you so much…heading out to spraed the word now. :)

  2. I’ll be craning my neck for pallets while out driving – hope I don’t crash!

    Absolutely love this crate – the stenciling is fantastic!

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