Tin Can Craft Caddy

I know all of us are always looking for convenient and manageable ways to store our crafting supplies. Recycled products often are the perfect solution. They are free and ecofriendly. Double whammie! Cynthia Shaffer got her art materials under control with a collection of tin cans.

tin can caddy

Wrapped with some pretty patterned fabrics, the cans make a fabulous and functional organizer. With the added convenience of the lazy Susan, all your supplies are right at your fingertips. So the lesson here is to think twice before you toss that green bean can into the recycling bin or trash!

tin can craft caddy

Get the complete tutorial at Cynthia Shaffer.

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2 thoughts on “Tin Can Craft Caddy

  1. I don’t get many tin cans, it seems everything is in plastic nowadays. I have loads of plastic containers…SMILE. I love this ideal and will be on the lookout for tin!

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