Wine Cork Wreath

Over seven years, Tiffany from Living Savvy had stored up quite the collection of wine corks. She was spurred by her love of wine to create a unique wreath for her front door using just a bit of her stash.

cork wreath materials

After a couple of failed attempts to glue the corks to her wreath forms, Tiffany finally found that attaching them to a foam wreath with toothpicks worked like a charm! I love the versatility of this wreath too. Tiffany plans to keep it up year-round but add a little accent to coordinate with each season.

cork wreath

Find the full tutorial at Living Savvy.

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5 thoughts on “Wine Cork Wreath

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  2. Hi there! I’ve had corks hanging around for YEARS so this weekend I decided to use them! Made this wreath – so glad you included the trial and error because I probably would’ve started in the same place! Now that i have a beautiful wreath, I have a couple of questions.
    1. I was thinking I might give it a once-over with spray adhesive just for a little extra hold. Thoughts?
    2. How did you hang it? I put the corks in before considering this point. Oops. Now i have a beautiful wreath which I’m not sure will fit on a wreath hook.

    1. Hi Jenni!,
      I think a coat of sealer/polyurethane would probably protect the corks from the elements if you’re hanging it on your front door. As for hanging, can you threat a piece of twine or thin ribbon between the corks?

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