Wine Cork Knives

Although I am not a wine drinker, I have enjoyed exploring all the reuses for those crafty little corks. They really feature cool text and logos, so it seems like such a shame to throw them away! Val at Yarni Gras found a way to use her wine corks to refab some old canapé knives she had kicking around.

old canape knives

Val removed the old handles with a mallet and then simply stuck the remaining tips into slits cut into the corks. That’s it! The cork closes around itself, making for a nice snug fit. Val even has you covered with a cheese ball recipe so you can start using your new again knives right away!

repurposed wine cork knives

See how to make your own at Yarni Gras.


  1. Michelle Lubbers says:

    Great solution! I just happen to have a knife that is falling apart, and a wine cork to bring it back to life. My son will be so happy I didn’t have to throw his favorite cheese spreader in the trash.

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