Etched Glass Spice Bottles

Maybe you’ve noticed glass bottles of a favorite product piling up in your recycling bin week after week. This was the case for WUVIE at Instructables, who likes to relax at the end of the week with a bottled Starbucks Frappuccino. When WUVIE saw that she had quite the collection of these bottles, she decided to upcycle them into spice jars for her kitchen. 

starbucks bottles

After cleaning the bottles and completely removing the labels, WUVIE used glass etching cream to add the names of the desired spices. WUVIE suggests checking out all the interestingly shaped bottles the next time you’re strolling through the grocery store. There are so many fun shapes and sizes that can repurposed for storage.


Find the tutorial at Instructables.


  1. Great recycle idea.

  2. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says:

    Oh cute!

  3. OMG! How smart are you. This is a fabulous idea. If I could just get those dang empty wooden crates left over from the Cutie Tangerines to hold spices :)

  4. Very nice! Thank you so much for sharing.

  5. Such a great idea. How do you make the cut out labels?

  6. Just saw this on Pinterest – how genius!

  7. I love this idea, I’ll look for attractive bottles!

  8. I loved your post so much, I linked to you from my blog today! I had some jars on FreeCycle and shared some ideas on how to use them. Thanks for the inspiration!
    Greetings from the Chesapeake

  9. I love your idea! I have a couple suggestions to make your life easier: pour boiling water into the jars and wait 2 or 3 minutes, the labels and the goo comes off. No need for hazardous chemicals. and second, after you remove the waste from your vinyl stencil place masking tape over it to hold it all together, remove the decal from the backing place it on the jar, then remove the tape. thank you for the wonderful tutorial, I just might have to start drinking Starbucks fraps again!


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