Plastic Container Craft Project

Sometimes you just have to be crafty.  Here’s a cute little upcycling project for one of those times.  It would be a terrific rainy day project for kids, too.  Sherri from About Family Crafts issued a challenge to her friends to upcycle a plastic food container, and this is how she participated in that challenge.  Her container of choice once held margarine.


After thoroughly washing the margarine container, Sherri gathered scraps of blue fabric.  She used decoupage glue to completely cover the container with blue fabric.  Sherri glued blue chenille pipe cleaners onto the container to serve as legs and antennae.  A pair of googly eyes completed the project:  it’s a blue crab!  Super cute.


You can visit About Family Crafts to find out more about this craft project with upcycled materials.

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