Garage Organization Inspired this Side Table

I’ve been cleaning the garage and putting things where they belong, so this project was born out of that, organization!” confesses Cristina at Remodelando la Casa.  She had a pile of wine crates and some parts from an old garage door that she decided to get out of the garage and into her house…as furniture!

garage door with plated slotted angles

For this project, Cristina used one of the wine crates to form a tabletop, and the angled metal pieces from the old garage door to build a base for the table.  After constructing the base, she painted the metal so that it would be a darker metallic than it’s original galvanized appearance.  The wine crate got some stain to darken it, too.  Completing the industrial look, she added caster wheels to the bottom of the piece.  Once finished, Cristina moved the table inside where it’s doing duty now as a side table.

diy-industrial table with wooden wine crate

Visit Remodelando la Casa to get full details on this side table made from salvaged materials.

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