Tee to Skirt Refashion

Over at my other blog, Infarrantly Creative, I recently shared a tutorial for a fun refashion.   I took scraps of fabric–including some that used to be t-shirts–and turned them into cute, comfy skirts for my little girl!


This was an easy upcycling project.  All of this fabric came from Lil Blue Boo.  I took an infinity scarf class at SNAP that she was teaching and grabbed some extra to play with at home.  You could get the same types of fabric by cutting up old knit shirts.  I simply serge the fabric pieces together and add a waistband.  Easy peasy!


You can find the full tutorial for this easy skirt by clicking over to Infarrantly Creative.

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One thought on “Tee to Skirt Refashion

  1. really like this and how easily the sizes could be adapted from all those tees one just cannot bear to toss. you got this one on upcycle, design levels.!!!!! and it appears that your little one is enjoying her modeling a lot more these days.

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