Simple Sweater Refashion

At Maybe She Made It, Lisa picked up this cute gray and white argyle sweater at a thrift shop for a song.  However, after washing it, she discovered that it was a little shorter and tighter than she would be comfortable wearing.  Rather than waste the sweater, she decided to refashion it.


Lisa decided that the best way to deal with the sizing issue would be to turn the sweater into a cardigan.  She cut straight up the center of the sweater, from hemline to neckline.  She used matching fabric to bind over the raw edges for a more finished look.  Since the sleeves were too short as they were, Lisa shortened them a bit more so that they would officially be 3/4 length.  Doesn’t it look great?


Click over to Maybe She Made It to view the tutorial for this refashioned sweater.

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