From the Closet to the Table

Over at her blog, Joyful Daisy, Amy came up with a cute (and useful) way to reuse old pairs of jeans.  She created durable placemats!


For this project, Amy collected some of the old pairs of denim jeans at her house.  She did a bit of deconstructing, so that she’d be able to use the pockets and some of the larger pieces of denim.  Amy used scraps of fabric from her stash to supplement the worn denim in putting together the placemats.  She added embroidery and other embellishments to the old jeans’ pockets, before sewing them onto the placemats to serve as utensil holders.  These will be perfect for summertime picnics!


Visit Joyful Daisy for a tutorial on making placemats from old jeans.

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2 thoughts on “From the Closet to the Table

  1. The placemats are just wicked cute. I love the idea of using the pockets to hold the silverware. Purple is a fun spring color and just cheery and cute. Thanks for a good, solid tutorial. :)

    1. Thanks Lisa :) It was super fun decorating the pockets and using supplies that I have had laying around in piles! Fortunately I have more denim projects planned because now my piles are actually growing as friends are giving me all their old denim :)

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