Trendy Travel Journal Made from Old Map

Lately at The Pin Junkie, Bonnie shares her preparations for her upcoming trip to Europe.  She thought it would be a good idea to bring a travel journal on her trip to write down notes while traveling.  Bonnie had an old map of Europe on hand and realized she could use it to make her own travel journal instead of buying one.


Bonnie started by making a cardboard cover for her regular paper notepad.  She taped it to the notebook with packing tape, then used rubber cement to adhere the map to the cardboard cover.  For a final touch, Bonnie added washi tape to the top of the notebook.  Gorgeous!  You’ll find me stowed away in your suitcase, Bonnie–maybe you better bring two cute travel journals on your trip to Europe!


For more details on making a travel journal from an old map, visit Bonnie at The Pin Junkie.

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