Little Black Dress to Long Black Gloves

I was looking around on Pinterest and found some great pictures of girls wearing long black gloves,” says Rachel of The Cwafty Blog.  “I felt instantly that I needed a pair, for sophistication purposes.”  Well, for this creative gal there was no reason to go shopping–just refashioning!


Rachel pulled an older, black dress out of her closet that she was willing to sacrifice in the name of elegance and sophistication.  She says this dress worked particularly well because it had a bit of stretch in the fabric.  Next, Rachel traced around her arm and hand to create a glove pattern.  She used her pattern to cut out the pieces she needed for her gloves, the simply sewed the pieces together.  The result were long black gloves that Audrey Hepburn would have been proud to own!


Click over to The Cwafty Blog to learn more about this project.

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