From Resting to Adventure: A Pillow to Backpack Transformation

Nicole from The Felted Fox had an exotic tribal print pillow that came all the way from India.  She confesses, ” I loved the fabric, but I didn’t like the shape or size of the pillow.”  After stuffing it away in storage for a few years, she pulled it out and decided to transform the pillow into something she’d love and use.  


After gathering a few additional supplies, Nicole unstuffed her pillow and started refashioning the graphic fabric into a backpack.  She used black leather to form a sturdy, long-wearing base for her pack.  Straps and buckles completed the project.  Doesn’t it look amazing?


Make sure to stop by The Felted Fox to view the full tutorial for this backpack project.


  1. WOW! That’s a great project transformation!

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