Jean Skirt Gets a Comfy Refashion

For Amy Jo of The Little Moments, comfort is key when it comes to selecting her clothes for the day.  So, until she refashioned this denim skirt, she just wasn’t wearing it much.  While the skirt fit, the waistband had some issues that just bothered her every time she wore it.


Time for a refashion!  Amy Jo decided to get rid of the offending waistband completely.  She used her seam ripper to pull it off of the rest of the skirt.  In it’s place, she sewed a wide elastic lace edge from a worn out cami.  “The band is sewn on at the top and the bottom of the lace so it will stay put.  It looks like I’m layering shirts, but it’s really the skirt!” Amy Jo explains.  As a bonus, she refashioned the former denim waistband into a cute floral belt.  Now shew has two comfy wardrobe pieces!


Click over to The Little Moments to find out more about this refashioned jean skirt.

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