Discarded Pendant Light Makes a Perfect Terrarium

When Megan from Rappsody in Rooms found this pendant light, she was thrilled.  “The shape was the to die for (hello hexagons!). However, the electrical was on the fritz,” she says.  “I kept the fixture around, waffling on whether I want to rewire it (a new lighting kit would do the trick) or turn it into something unexpected.”

Rappsody in Rooms pendant lamp before

In the end, Megan decided to go with the unexpected.  She started by removing all of the electrical elements.  Next, Megan polished up everything on this pendant that wasn’t glass with Rub ‘n Buff, and plugged a few holes with caulk.  After that, Megan filled up the pendant with soil and planted some pretty succulents inside.  The old pendant lamp looks great as a faux terrarium.  Great idea, Megan!

Rappsody in Rooms pendant lamp after

Read more about how this rescue went from lighting to an indoor garden at Rappsody in Rooms.

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