Flowers from Trash

Dr. Sonia blogs at Cards, Crafts, Kids Projects.  Just in time for valentine’s day, she’s figured out a neat way to turn styrofoam packing materials into flowers!  This is a great craft/recycling project for getting older kids involved.

Dr. Sonia termocol container before

A restaurant take-out box is just right for making roses.  Dr. Sonia recommends cutting the petals out along the sloping part of the box, to give them natural looking curves.  She shows how you can use glue to form the styrofoam petals into a complete rosebud, and use florist wire and tape to make a stem.  Isn’t that amazing?

Dr. Sonia thermocol rose

You can view a full tutorial at Cards, Crafts, Kids Projects.


  1. Thank you so much.I am so thrilled

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