Fabric Wrapped Boxes

If you are quick to send your cardboard boxes packing, Emily from Namely Original shows just how much potential lies in those plain brown boxes. They may not be much to look at now…

cardboard box

but wrapped up in a bit of fabric, their beauty surpasses their functionality! Emily has perfected the technique for wrapping the boxes on both the inside and outside for a seamless finish. The added embellishments make for a simply beautiful box!

fabric wrapped boxes

Emily walks you through it step-by-step at Namely Original.


  1. awww. I love a good fabric covered box! I usually glue paper on mine, but I’ll check out the burlap edition too!

  2. Totally loved this post! Bookmarked it for my “crafts to do” list. Will be used to organize the top of the kids closets. Great find!

  3. What a great idea! Now I know what to do with all my ugly boxes.


  4. These boxes are so pretty!! Thank you for sharing!!! Gonna go check out her blog!

  5. Love everything about this! Great upcycle!

  6. What a great idea at recycling&reusing! Looks so dashed good, I might have a crack at that too! Thank you

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