scrap wood wall art

Scrap Wood Wall Art

Instead of living with a bunch of blank walls staring at her, Ashley from Design Build Love has found ways to create her own wall art for much less than store-bought prices. For one such project, Ashley upcycled a pile of scrap wood that had been sitting in her garage. scrap wood wall art
tv to cat bed before

TV Cat Bed

Tami from Curb Alert! found this old television on the curb. The sound of loose, jangling pieces inside were a pretty good indication that it no longer worked. The TV became a set prop at Tammy’s church, and then she found another unexpected function for it. tv to cat bed before
towel bars to curtain rods

Wooden Curtain Rods

Debbie from Painted Therapy wanted a way to hang her curtains without spending a fortune on curtain rods. Since she doesn’t even pull her curtains closed, Debbie found that wooden towel bars were perfect for the job and could easily be customized to her purpose. towel bars to curtain rods

Shirt Chair Slipcover

Jami from Freckled Laundry loves to make a beeline for the white clothing racks at thrift stores. She says, “I always find the prettiest fabrics (cotton, linen, voile) with awesome details (ruffles, lace, ruching) that can be repurposed for so many textile projects.” SHIRTSLIPCOVERTUTORIAL_edited-1
repurposed hubcap

Hubcap Flower Garden

Reeves from The Weathered Door has mastered the sport of hubcapping. Oh, you didn’t know that was a sport? Well, it requires exceptional speed and agility to quickly pull over on the highway, grab one of these bad boys, and then dart back to the car without getting harmed {giggle}. repurposed hubcap