Scrap Wood Wall Art

Instead of living with a bunch of blank walls staring at her, Ashley from Design Build Love has found ways to create her own wall art for much less than store-bought prices. For one such project, Ashley upcycled a pile of scrap wood that had been sitting in her garage.

scrap wood wall art

With a saw and watered down paint, Ashley turned the plain boards into a very cool piece of geometric wall décor. I love that you could probably walk to your garage right now and have everything on hand to complete this project. It also has the flexibility that you can just keep it simple or get creative when it comes to color and pattern.


The detailed tutorial can be found at Design Build Love.

TV Cat Bed

Tami from Curb Alert! found this old television on the curb. The sound of loose, jangling pieces inside were a pretty good indication that it no longer worked. The TV became a set prop at Tammy’s church, and then she found another unexpected function for it.

tv to cat bed before

As a “bedroom” for her pretty kitty! With the help of her electrically savvy husband, Tami gutted the TV and then blinged it out to make a fitting home for her cat Diamond. Of course a kitty named Diamond needed a bed with some glitz and glam {giggle}! How cool is this?

cat bed from tv

Find the tutorial at Curb Alert!

Rock Climbing Wall Towel Rack

When Dad busted out the chain saw on the kids’ beloved play set, tons of scrap wood, including a rock climbing wall, was left behind. Jen from Four Marrs & One Venus knew there was no way she was letting those pieces go and something had to be made!

rocking climbing wall to towel rack before

Jen cut the rock climbing wall down to size, painted it, and hung it on the wall in her kids’ bathroom as a towel rack. I love how the old hand and foot grips are now the “hooks.” Here’s from Jen: “This rockwall used to be for climbing…now it’s for hanging! It adds a great “fun factor” to the bathroom… and looks stylish as well!”

rocking climbing wall to towel rack after

Go to Four Marrs & One Venus for the details.

Drawer Memo Board

Sheila from Plum Doodles got this table from the thrift store with the intent of fixing it up. However, when the repairs turned out to be more than Sheila bargained for, she instead decided to use it for parts.


With some drop cloth fabric and an old gutter shield, Sheila turned the drawer into a multi-functional piece of wall décor. Fill it with paper, mail, and memos for a message board, or load it with scarves and jewelry for an accessory center!

old drawer to message board and jewelry holder

Go to Plum Doodles to see how Sheila made it.

Blue Desk with Stained Top

Karin from Art Is Beauty calls this piece her Humpty Dumpty desk because it was in pieces when she found it on the curb. Karin and her hubs had to dig around in the dark for all the parts. Now that is some serious commitment to the cause!

dresser from curb

Unlike our poor friend Humpty Dumpty, Karin was able to put the desk back together again. She then sanded it down and painted it a beautiful blue from a can of Oops paint. All this desk cost Karin in the end was “2 bucks and lots of sweat!”

desk from curb after

Read more about the desk at Art Is Beauty.

Rake Wine Glass Holder

When Kelly from The Pink Hammer lost her rake to a broken handle last summer, she didn’t just toss it to the trash like many people would. Rusty metal goodness… come on… that’s a keeper!

rake to wine glass holder

Kelly decided the rake sure would look cool hanging on her wall. She also realized those tines were destined for more than just breaking up rocks and soil, and thus, Kelly’s “vintage/rustic/country style wine glass holder” was born!

rake to wine glass holder

Check it out at The Pink Hammer.

Book Page Garland

Gina from The Shabby Creek Cottage was inspired by her love of the written word to create a garland for her Halloween mantel from book pages. You can use an old book or create that aged look like Gina did with a coffee stain.

book page garland

After lots and lots of staples, Gina had this beauty to adorn her mantel with! I love this look for fall and think it would also make a beautiful addition to a Christmas mantel. You could even add some hidden meaning by using a special text or the sheet music for Christmas carols.


Go to The Shabby Creek Cottage for Gina’s tutorial.

Wooden Curtain Rods

Debbie from Painted Therapy wanted a way to hang her curtains without spending a fortune on curtain rods. Since she doesn’t even pull her curtains closed, Debbie found that wooden towel bars were perfect for the job and could easily be customized to her purpose.

towel bars to curtain rods

Debbie purchased her inexpensive towel bars, but I know I’ve seen these hanging around garage sales and thrift stores a time or two. Here’s from Debbie: “The beauty of this baby is you can cut the dowel to the size you need AND you can paint, distress, and glaze them. And I did just that.”

wooden towel bar to curtain rod

Find Debbie’s tutorial at Painted Therapy.