Using an Old Box to Organize in the Kitchen

Diana blogs at Adirondack Girl.  One day she was eyeing the cardboard box that her Keurig coffee mixes come in, and thought, “There must be something clever I can do with this box.”

Adirondack Girl keurig box before

She pulled out the scissors and began to cut away at the box, trying to discover a useful new shape for it.  Eventually, she cut down the front and sides, creating a magazine-style storage box.  But she didn’t stop there!  Diana pulled out the spray paint, covering up the cardboard with Rustoleum’s “Cinnamon”.  She made her own label holder and glued it to the box.  The label reads “mixes”, and that’s exactly what Diana is using this for–she’s keeping all those little mix packets that get scattered in the cupboards handy inside the box.  Great idea!Adirondack Girl keurig box afterVisit Adirondack Girl to read more about this upcycled box project.

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