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Once upon a time, Amy from Giggleberry Creations stumbled across a blog featuring a TV cabinet that was repurposed into a play kitchen.  She loved the idea and sent the link on to her mom and sisters but later forgot about it.  But at her two-year-old daughter’s birthday party, Amy’s mom and dad surprised everyone with an exciting gift!

giggleberry creations before

Yes, these awesome grandparents took on the challenge of repurposing a TV cabinet into a play kitchen for little Milla’s birthday present!  They sanded down a well-worn TV cabinet, added shelves to the cupboard to make a fridge and freezer, and gave the whole thing three coats of paint.  Grandma and Grandpa cut a whole where the TV once sat to add a sink and tap, attached a wooden frame for a microwave in the top corner, and replaced the back panel of the unit.  After a final coat of paint, doors were added with dark perspex in the oven and microwave doors for a realistic look.  The stovetop was created from a piece of wood with knobs and coasters attached to it.  A picture frame with an outside scene became a window and cheery red curtains were the finishing touch!  Can I just say, I’m in love!  I want to cook in this kitchen!  Beautiful job, Grandma and Grandpa!  Amy and Milla are so lucky!

giggleberry creations after

Find out more details on how this play kitchen was created from Amy at Giggleberry Creations.

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2 thoughts on “TV Cabinet to Play Kitchen

  1. This is absolutely wonderful! Very creative and well done. What little child would not want to play with this?

    Brings me back to my childhood and the dream of always wanted one! Thanks for sharing.

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