Hubcap Flower Garden

Have you ever driven past an old hubcap sitting on the side of the road and wondered what it could possibly become? If so, Mike from Blue Velvet Chair has your answer! She went on a hubcap hunt and came up with three greasy, grimy plastic hubcaps that were in need of a good scrubbing.


After their bath, Mike used spray paint and a other embellishments to turn the hubcaps into a beautiful, blooming wall garden. Meet Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather. I love these for an outside garden area but can also see them making super cute wall décor in a play area.

hubcap wall garden

Check out the tutorial at Blue Velvet Chair.

RoadKill Rescue

3 thoughts on “Hubcap Flower Garden

  1. Beckie – I really have to thank you for the features this week here on Roadkill Rescue. I’ve enjoyed having a look around your blogs – and watching your TV video. How great is that! I hope you’ll keep an eye out over at Blue Velvet Chair. I know I’ll be keeping one here…and at KOD, and at IC!

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