That’s One Patriotic Pool Noodle

If you happen to have a pool noodle lying around (yep, I see all those nodding heads) then you are going to love this! With summer on the way, Camille realized that she didn’t have “a nice red, white, and blue decoration to celebrate Memorial Day or Independence Day.” So at Growing up Gabel she’s showing us how she quickly turned a pool noodle into a sparkly, patriotic wreath, using duct tape and a few goodies from the dollar store.

pool-noodlesCheck out how fast and easy this was! Camille bent and wrapped up her noodle using white Duck Tape, which took all of 5 minutes. Once she had a white wreath, Camille added a garland and bow (both from the dollar store). She says the hardest part “was not getting 25 feet of garland tangled up while winding it around the wreath.” Now Camille’s front door is more than ready to share its patriotic pride for the summer holidays!

patriotic-wreath Find out how to make your own pool noodle wreath at Growing up Gabel.

Spring-worthy Garden Hose Wreath

Andrea asked an excellent question at Scrapality while thinking about making a cute garden hose wreath: “Why purchase a hose when you can pick up a discarded hose for free?” Why, indeed! She found plenty during a spring-time “curbside shopping” trip and was able to make not one but two springtime wreaths! If you love to garden (or love a gardener) you’ll want to check this out!

Garden-HoseAfter wrapping the hose into the desired size and securing it with flower wire, Andrea cut off the extra length of hose. She inserted the flowers one by one into the wreath (no glue needed!) until they looked just right. A small watering can provides the perfect finishing touch. Andrea made one of these beauties for herself and one for her mom, and now their front doors are “ready for spring!”

Spring-Flower-Garden-Hose-WreathCheck out the full tutorial at Scrapality.

Adding Dried Roses to a Wreath

Sometimes pretty flowers are the the pick-me-up your spirit needs.  That’s the case with these pretty pink roses that came to Aniko at Place of My Taste.  “I adored these roses so much that I couldn’t just throw them away,” she explains.


Instead of letting the flowers wilt, Aniko dried them.  They are just as lovely dried as they are fresh, don’t you think?  She snipped the stems so that they were not so long.  Then, Aniko wrapped raffia across a twig wreath.  The raffia provided a spot to hang the dried roses, so that they could be a part of this pretty, layered wreath.  What a beautiful way to welcome friends to the door.


Visit Place of My Taste to learn more about this wreath.

Egg Carton Wreath for Spring

Inspired by all of the Easter egg crafts she’s been seeing, Claire of Huppie Mama thought to herself, “Well, instead of an egg craft, why don’t I make something with the egg cartons?”


Gathering her empty egg cartons, Claire went to work, and she even got her children to help, too!  First, she cut apart the egg cartons so that she had lots of little cardboard cups.  “Cut the edge of the cups to look like all different types of flowers,” Claire suggests.  Her children helped to paint the cardboard flowers with pretty pastel shades.  She used cardboard to make a wreath form, which she glued all of the flowers onto.  Cute!


See the tutorial for this family-friendly craft project at Huppie Mama.

Tulips Repurposed for Spring Decor

At Confessions of a Serial DIYer, Christy had this tulip wreath from last year’s spring decor.  “I had it hanging in the garage and it had fallen several times and was looking a little tattered, ” she explains, so she decided to take the wreath apart and make something else for this year.


Instead of putting the tulips back into a wreath, Christy chose to make a different type of door decor.  She found a cute basket at the thrift shop and painted it white.  Next, Christy filled the basket with blooms, using the tulips from last year’s wreath along with nice branches and leaves to fill out the display.  A burlap bow finished off the arrangement, which is now hanging on Christy’s doors.  Lovely!


Watch how this spring door decor came together by visiting  Confessions of a Serial DIYer.

Tree Trimmings Door Wreath

When Nicole spotted a pile of trimmings at the Christmas tree lot, she figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask the guy running the lot if she could have a few.  He said, “Go ahead, help yourself,” so Nicole took home plenty of greenery and blogged about what she did with it at Design It Vintage.


What were Nicole’s plans for the evergreen scraps?  She wanted to make wreaths for her double front doors.  Nicole embraced a natural look for these wreaths, arranging the branches easily around an inexpensive wreath holder.  She added cute trimmings in hues of gold, with sparkly gold letters in the center of each wreath, in honor of her family’s initials.  So pretty!


Visit Design It Vintage to view a tutorial for these lovely wreaths.

Wreath Week: From Burnt Out to Brilliant

You know you’re committed to upcycling when you keep a collection of burnt-out Christmas lights. Amanda at Mommy is Coocoo does, and her lights have finally found their second life as a colorful Christmas wreath.



Amanda prepped a few of the lights with spray paint, which she says is “a simple way to add color to your wreath (and a great way to get rid of all the spray paint cans you have with a tiny bit of paint in them).” She hot-glued the lights onto her wreath form, then gave the wreath a light dusting with glitter spray for that final touch of awesome.


Check out the full tutorial at Mommy is Coocoo.

Wreath Week: Seed Pods Go Metallic

Lisa thought she’d found acorns on a walk with her family, but she had “never seen anything like them.” She and her girls gathered a stroller full and brought them home. After Lisa turned her “acorns” into a gorgeous metallic wreath, a few sharp-eyed readers at Mabey She Made It identified them as eucalyptus seed pods. Whatever they are, they look amazing on Lisa’s front door!

eucalyptus seed podsLisa really wanted to showcase the tops of the pods, which “look like flowers, stars, or buttons depending on the one you look at.” She used a hot glue gun to glue them around a flat frame, then gave the whole thing several coats of metallic spray paint. After hanging the frame up with a ribbon, Lisa says, “The contrast between the natural supplies and the chic finish makes me happy.” Botanical discoveries for the win!

metallic-spray-paint-acorn-eucalyptus-seed-pod-frameSee the step-by-step at Mabey She Made It.