Refinished Wood Chair

Vanessa from Invaluable Valuables received this old chair from a beloved lifetime friend. Because it was from such a dear friend, Vanessa wanted to do it justice in restoring its original beauty. With new fabric, stain, and polish, Vanessa did just that! I love furniture or décor that has such meaning behind it and reminds {…Read More…}

Wood Farmhouse Vanity


Judi from The 1829 Farmhouse has been through a serious bathroom renovation in her 182-year-old home. The space needed a vanity that was fitting of its vintage farmhouse style, so Judi designed a “workbench” vanity to be built from the 300-year-old wood that had been pulled from the bathroom wall. After some deliberation, Judi stained {…Read More…}

Wood Crutch Chair

Maybe you have an old pair of wood crutches sitting in a closet from a past or recent injury. It’s time to pull them out because wholman shares a great crutch upcycling project on instructables. Since crutches are designed to support an adult’s weight, wholman reasoned that the wood could be rearranged into a chair. {…Read More…}

Round Stenciled Table


BJ from Sweet Nothings found this little round table at Goodwill. According to BJ, it was just plain ugly. We all know though that ugly doesn’t mean without potential. BJ turned this ugly table into an heirloom piece that tells the story of her life. The words, symbol, and dates all hold a special place {…Read More…}

Bed Slat Wall Art

Gabby from The…Late, Young Family and her husband were tired of their low-sitting Ikea bed and decided it was time to say goodbye. Gabby knew that she wanted to keep the bed slats though and held onto them for quite a while. There they sat half-primed while Gabby decided what their future held. Gabby used {…Read More…}

Monogram Pallet Wall Art

Rachel from What’s the worst that could happen? got a call from her mother-in-law saying that she had a surprise for Rachel. Of course, Rachel hightailed it on over (just as I would have!) eager to see what the gift could possibly be. Her mother-in-law had taken several pieces of wood from a pallet and {…Read More…}

Outdoor Pallet Work Table

With limited space, Handy Andy needed a table that could double as both a work and dining table. Ana White’s plans for the farmhouse table fit the bill the perfection. Andy used leftover decking material, some 2x4s, and free pallets for his table, totaling at a big ol’ $2! Andy used the leftover decking materials {…Read More…}

Reclaimed Column Outdoor Buffet

Gwen from The Bold Abode received a special gift when she got these very old house columns from a friend. They had been part of an old home that was undergoing renovations. To Gwen the home represented a simpler way of life before the hustle and bustle of modern times got in the way. Gwen {…Read More…}