A Rescue That Will Provide Relief (ahem) for Years to Come

Kelly blogs over at Joy and Gladness of Heart.  There, she shows us this lovely piece of raw wood that she’d had sitting around.  She knew she wanted to put it somewhere in her house, but had a hard time figuring out exactly what to do with it.

Joy and Gladness wood trim before

“I thought I could put it above my bedroom door,” Kelly says, “but then it dawned on me that putting it above the bathroom would help guests in their ‘time of need.’  We have a long hallway and it is where the bathroom and all the bedrooms are and it can be kind of intimidating to walk down if you are new here.”  With that idea in mind, Kelly painted the wood white to match the other trim in her hallway, and added lettering to the sign with the help of her Silhouette machine.  It looks fantastic!

Joy and Gladness wood trim after

Get more details on this rescue at Joy and Gladness of Heart.

An Old Bed Becomes an Accent Wall

Brace yourselves…I’m about to introduce you to one of the most dramatic makeovers EVER!  Newlyweds Lindsay & Drew had an unsightly built in shelf and a bed frame that had been damaged by a dog with a bad chewing habit.  Thanks to lots of imagination and DIY spirit, Lindsay and Drew made lemonade from their lemons.

Lindsay & Drew trimmed wall before

And this is some seriously gorgeous lemonade, folks!  Using the wood from the old bed frame, Lindsay and Drew trimmed out the space where that bookshelf had been, giving it a couple of gorgeous curves and a coat of glossy white paint to make an unbelievably beautiful accent wall and sitting nook.

Lindsay & Drew trimmed wall before

There’s lots more to read about this project at Lindsay & Drew.

Salvaged Trim Coat Rack

Sarah from Upscale Downhome has an eye for uncovering treasures at the dump. On one trip, she returned home with six trim pieces from an old house full of square nails. This was a great find since salvaged architectural pieces are a pretty hot commodity these days.


In order to convert one of the trim pieces to a coat rack for her back hall, Sarah sanded, stained, and waxed it. She then added antique hooks and some other fun embellishments including old numbers from an adding machine and metal buttons to hide screw holes. Sarah’s fabulous transformations will surely have even the most dignified scrounging through the dump yard!


Find the tutorial at Upscale Downhome.