Sock Snowman


Here’s a darling little craft that Lisa of Mabey She Made It shared at Made From Pinterest. It all started with a favorite pair of socks….that were tragically separated on a vacation. And this was such a great pair of socks that even though there was only one left, “I couldn’t bring myself to throw it away,” Lisa confesses.

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Pretty Winter Luminaries from Mason Jars


Everyone has an empty mason jar or two on their shelves, right? Well, here’s a way to use those jars to create some winter decor. Amy shares it with us at Her Toolbox.

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Paper Bag Becomes Elegant Christmas Decor

It's Overflowing feather trees before

You are going to have a hard time believing that a humble paper bag was the beginning of these pretty Christmas decorations from Aimee at It’s Overflowing.  But it really is a simple shopping bag from the local grocery store that Aimee recycled to become the cone base to form decorative pine trees.

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Pallet Wood Chargers

Cherished Bliss chargers before

Ashley, from Cherished Bliss admits that, “I have LITERALLY carried around this pallet to 3 different houses. One of those moves being from Texas to Wisconsin.”  She finally used it to make something that she’d wanted for quite a while…holiday charger plates!

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Free Pinecone Wreath

Just a Girl pincone wreath before

Don’t you just love it when you come up with a crafty project that doesn’t cost a thing?  Just A Girl’s Chris made this pinecone wreath with things she gathered outside and already had inside.  No shopping required!

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Snowman Treat Packaging

If you are visiting family or friends for Christmas, it’s always nice to bring along a little something sweet to share. I love creating my own recycled packaging. Not only is it thrifty and ecofriendly but can also be fun and festive. I love this adorable Frosty Friend Container from Better Homes and Gardens that’s {…Read More…}