Wreath Week: Seed Pods Go Metallic

Lisa thought she’d found acorns on a walk with her family, but she had “never seen anything like them.” She and her girls gathered a stroller full and brought them home. After Lisa turned her “acorns” into a gorgeous metallic wreath, a few sharp-eyed readers at Mabey She Made It identified them as eucalyptus seed pods. Whatever they are, they look amazing on Lisa’s front door!

eucalyptus seed podsLisa really wanted to showcase the tops of the pods, which “look like flowers, stars, or buttons depending on the one you look at.” She used a hot glue gun to glue them around a flat frame, then gave the whole thing several coats of metallic spray paint. After hanging the frame up with a ribbon, Lisa says, “The contrast between the natural supplies and the chic finish makes me happy.” Botanical discoveries for the win!

metallic-spray-paint-acorn-eucalyptus-seed-pod-frameSee the step-by-step at Mabey She Made It.


Falling for a Christmas Wreath

When Carolyn from Homework spotted this fall wreath on deep discount (90% off!) after Thanksgiving, she knew it wouldn’t be hard to turn it into a Christmas wreath to be proud of.

Carolyn's Homework fall wreath before

She could envision this in shades of either gold, silver, or white.  Back at home, the decision was made when Carolyn realized she already had a can of silver spray paint on hand.  She set up a place to paint and began spraying.  “Once the wreath was completely covered in silver, I gave it a final coat of clear pearl gloss for a frosty look,” Carolyn notes.   A festive red ribbon from Carolyn’s stash completed the new look.  Isn’t it lovely?

Carolyn's Homework fall wreath after

Visit Homework to see more pictures and how-tos of this wintry holiday wreath.

Refabbing a Wreath for Christmas

Krista, The Happy Housie, is on round three with this burlap wreath form.  She’d already used it for her summer and fall wreaths before she transformed it once again into winter door decor especially for the Christmas season.

The Happy Housie burlap wreath form before

To change it up, she wrapped it in burlap ribbon that had a cheerful red stripe.  She added fresh evergreen branches and holly.  She suspended a pair of thrift store ice skates in the center of the wreath, and topped everything off with a thrifted plaid scarf.  So wintry, and so festive!

The Happy Housie burlap wreath form after

Get more details on the making of this wreath at The Happy Housie.

Dropcloth Holiday Swag

Over at her blog, Reposhture, Kim tell us, “I have recently refurbished a chair I found on the trash and had some left-over dropcloth material laying around. I wanted to make a new wreath for my front entrance but I don’t make traditional wreaths too much.”

Reposhture dropcloth before

Kim had an ah-ha moment when she realized that she could craft flowers from the dropcloth fabric.  She made several different kinds, all from the same scraps, and grouped them together to form a swag.  I love the monochromatic look of this swag–it’s perfect for some subtle winter decor.

Reposhture dropcloth after

You can read more about how Kim made this swag at Reposhture.