Put a Cork on the Twine Storage Problem

Recently, Katie from Addicted to DIY was staring at a little bag of wine corks a friend had passed along to her.  As she wondered what to do with those corks, she spotted a small tangle of baker’s twine nearby.  “Then it hit me!”  Katie exclaimed.  “Why not use the corks to keep my twine from turning into a big knot?”

Addicted to DIY wine cork spools before

Although she’d been meaning to buy some spools for storing her twine, Katie had been putting off the purchase.  The wine corks, she realized, were just the right substitution for spools.  She wrapped twine around the corks, cutting a small slit in the top of each one to secure the end of the twine.  Super simple and effective!

Addicted to DIY wine cork spools after

Click over to Addicted to DIY to get more details of this simple rescue.

Lamp Makeover from Wine Corks

A lot of reusing and recycling went into this lamp makeover by Shannon from Madigan Made.   It started with a lamp that she already had that wasn’t old, just a bit boring.  To give that lamp a little life, Shannon collected over 185 wine corks from friends, family, and even some local restaurants!

The addition of corks to the lamps helped to give it more of an organic look similar to bamboo.  Since Shannon already had a few bamboo elements in the room this lamp is in, she felt that this would help it to blend into the room without looking matchy-matchy.  I love the quirkiness and pretty blue color of this lamp.  It’s a lot of fun!

Shannon has a detailed tutorial on how she glued the corks to the lamp base over at Madigan Made.

Wine Cork Bathmat

I hope you aren’t sick and tired of wine cork projects yet because I’ve got another fabulous repurpose for you from Monica at Crafty Nest. It wasn’t hard for Monica to stock up on wine corks while working at an office where wine tastings were a regular happening. This particular project put to use 175 corks from her collection.

cork bathmat

Monica cut all her corks in half lengthwise and then arranged and hot glued them to a piece of shelf liner to create a beautiful, natural, and eco-friendly bathmat. If you’ve got questions about how the bathmat held up, Monica’s got you covered with all the answers so you can make your own with great results!

wine cork bathmat

Find the tutorial at Crafty Nest.

Wine Cork Initial

I have got another great wine cork repurpose project for you today from Mrs. G at Growing Up Gardner. Mrs. G was lucky to get her hands on three full bags of wine corks at a wine tasting. If you aren’t quite so fortunate, you could start collecting them from family and friends or just buy some from a craft store.


This project really is super simple. Just glue the corks to your letter, filling in empty spaces with cut pieces of cork, and you’ve got yourself a fabulous piece of décor. Mrs. G actually created this letter for a friend’s upcoming wedding. I love the idea of giving it as a gift, especially if the recipient enjoys a nice glass of wine.


Check out the tutorial at Growing Up Gardner.

Wine Cork Knives

Although I am not a wine drinker, I have enjoyed exploring all the reuses for those crafty little corks. They really feature cool text and logos, so it seems like such a shame to throw them away! Val at Yarni Gras found a way to use her wine corks to refab some old canapé knives she had kicking around.

old canape knives

Val removed the old handles with a mallet and then simply stuck the remaining tips into slits cut into the corks. That’s it! The cork closes around itself, making for a nice snug fit. Val even has you covered with a cheese ball recipe so you can start using your new again knives right away!

repurposed wine cork knives

See how to make your own at Yarni Gras.

Wine Cork Tray

For those of you who have been saving up those wine corks, Lisa from Shine Your Light shares another fun upcycle project. Lisa’s project also makes use of an old, awkwardly shaped picture frame she had on hand.

old frame to tray

Lisa backed the frame with plywood and then added her corks in a carefully planned design to make a tray. My very favorite part is that many of the images and logos have some form of sentimental meaning to Lisa, from the nickname of a close friend to the year her last kiddo was born. Isn’t it cool that one piece of décor can trigger so many memories?

wine cork tray

Check out the details at Shine Your Light.

Wine Cork Sculpture

After yesterday’s wine cork wreath, I thought it might be fun to share yet another repurpose project for those leftover little corks. Ashley from Lil Blue Boo collected corks from family and friends with the intent of turning them into a sculpture.

wine corks

Ashley’s daughter challenged her to the task of creating a giraffe, and the two worked together on the project. What kiddo doesn’t love squeezing wood glue everywhere?!? I love how creative and unique this piece is. It would most definitely catch my attention and stir up some conversation!

wine cork sculpture

Get the tutorial at Lil Blue Boo.

Wine Cork Wreath

Over seven years, Tiffany from Living Savvy had stored up quite the collection of wine corks. She was spurred by her love of wine to create a unique wreath for her front door using just a bit of her stash.

cork wreath materials

After a couple of failed attempts to glue the corks to her wreath forms, Tiffany finally found that attaching them to a foam wreath with toothpicks worked like a charm! I love the versatility of this wreath too. Tiffany plans to keep it up year-round but add a little accent to coordinate with each season.

cork wreath

Find the full tutorial at Living Savvy.