Picnic Basket Makeover

At Growing with the Gimlins, Jody shares how her mom cleaned out her garage and passed along this cute old picnic basket to Jody. But since the top was decorated with Jody's maiden name, she decided to give it a makeover to better fit her family.

A Lighter, Brighter Wicker Chair

Sometimes a piece of furniture is fine as it is....other than it just doesn't look right in the space you have for it. That was the problem with this wicker chair in a corner of Christina's bedroom. "My inner battle was that the chair’s finish was pretty as-is. It just didn’t go with the room," she tells us on her blog, Operation Home.
Thrifter in Disguise table before

Accent Table Makeover

Lately it seems like we've enjoyed seeing quite a few makeovers here at Roadkill Rescue that started with Craigslist.  This one from Kristen at A Thrifter in Disguise came from a CL ad in the free section that read, "Save this table from going into the dumpster." Thrifter in Disguise table before
Names on Jersey Shore wicker chairs before

Wicker Chair Makeover

Susan from Names On the Jersey Shore was walking her son to the bus stop one morning when she noticed that her neighbor had set these wicker chairs out for curbside trash pickup.  Other than a little wear and tear, they looked fine, so Susan picked them up before the garbage truck could. Names on Jersey Shore wicker chairs before
Thistlewood Farm cork desk before

Cork Topped Desk

Over at Thistlewood Farm, KariAnne had a very shabby wicker desk she'd found at a yard sale.  The desktop was pretty damaged, and when some serious sanding wouldn't fix that, KariAnne had to come up with a plan B.  Her solution?  Stick-on cork tiles from Walmart.