A Dresser Goes Ombre

At Divine Lifestyle, Stacie demonstrates just how fun and easy it can be to add a trendy ombre effect to your home.  It’s a perfect decorating technique for summer, since, as Stacie explains, “Ombre colored pieces give a water color effect, where the color starts off light and trickles down to a bolder hue.”  Her ombre project started with a dresser that was rescued from the curb.


The dresser wasn’t very pretty, but was actually in pretty good condition.  Stacie cleaned off the dresser and painted it white, first.  Next, she picked a sample jar of paint in a shade of turquoise that she loved.  To achieve the ombre effect, she painted one drawer with the turquoise paint first, then added a little more white paint to her sample jar to paint each successive drawer.  It was that easy!  The tall, stacked drawers in shades of turquoise are dressed and ready for summer, now!


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A Two-Tiered Transformation

At Refashionably Late, Ruthie went out in search of a free swing set that she’d seen advertised.  The swings were gone, but what she found instead was a woman in a hurry to unload a lot of stuff….with a garage full of furniture she was giving away for free!  Ruthie was delighted to discover a piece of furniture she’d been wanting for a while:  a tiered side table.


As she began sanding away the old finish, Ruthie noticed that one of the legs was broken and missing some wood.  She handled those repairs before spray painting the table with a happy shade of blue.  To give the table even more personality, she added a couple of pretty flowers with a stencil and some white paint.  The result is just what Ruthie wanted for her living room!


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Refreshing What You Have for Gorgeous Organization

Okay, I just have to say that it is seriously hard to believe that this gorgeous and well-designed entry hallway is the product of not one, but TWO rescue projects!  The fabulous furnishings in this hallway didn’t start out quite so pretty as they are now.  Instead, ChiWei of One Dog Woof started out with an old dining room console and a couple of free wine crates from the local wine shop.


ChiWei started off the transformation by covering the dated, dark finish on the console table with white chalk paint.  She replaced the old drawer hardware with whimsical ceramic knobs in blue and white.  Next, ChieWei painted the wine crates a sunny shade of yellow and added wheels to the bottom for added functionality.  Placed underneath the table, the rolling crates offer more storage space to keep this front hall organized.  I love it!


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Painting Plastic Adirondack Chairs

“A neighbor down the street couldn’t fit her two green plastic adirondack chairs in her moving truck,” tells Amy at Sweet ‘n Sour Gumballs.   “These chairs were on their way to the dump until I intercepted.”  It just so happened that Amy had recently cleared away a spot in her backyard that was just perfect for a couple of nice chairs.


The only catch?  Well, these faded green chairs weren’t exactly nice.  No worries, though, Amy knew that a little paint and TLC was all it would take to fix them up.  After washing and drying the chairs, she sprayed them down with white paint in a satin gloss.  She recommends painting over plastic with a combo plastic primer + paint.  The white chairs look fantastic in her backyard with the addition of some preppy red striped pillows.  Here’s to summer!


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Loaf Pan Planter

When Katie’s mom gave her some nice, new loaf pans, it was time to retire her battered old metal pans.  Instead of throwing them out, Katie (who blogs at View From The Fridge) came up with a cute new use for them and shared it at My Crafty Spot.


For this project, Katie spray painted the inside of the loaf pans gold.  She painted the outside of the pans with white chalk paint.  Adding small wooden balls painted gold to the bottoms of the pans lifted the pans up a bit.  Katie used stick on letters to give the pans even more personality.  After making some drainage holes in the bottoms, she filled the pans with wheat grass, turning them into planters!


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Outdoor Chair Makeover

“I almost missed these bamboo chairs as my dad and I went cruising past them one day. We quickly doubled back and snagged them and I am sure glad we did!” says Jess over at Bright Green Door.


Jess used spray paint to make the chairs bright and white.  The 80’s cushions got revitalized with new fabric.  “Now these chairs anchor our entire front porch and are the perfect restored vintage chair,” Jess tells us happily.  They definitely look like the perfect spot for some front porch sittin’!


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Cheap Laminate into Gorgeous Storage Bench

Mindy blogs at  MyLove2Create, but she shared this nifty rescue at My Repurposed Life.  This beat-up, cheap laminate cabinet was a free find that Mindy picked up when she was picking up some other Craigslist freebies.


Initially Mindy wasn’t sure what to do with her find, but one day as she was considering how nice a bench would look in one part of her living room, inspiration struck!  Since the cabinet wasn’t much to look at as it was, she went to work transforming it.  Mindy turned the cabinet on its side and beefed it up with layers of trim and a fresh coat of paint.  She stained a board and attached it to the top for a seat, and added wheels to the bottom of the new bench for added functionality.  The new bench looks amazing!


Make sure you click over to My Repurposed Life to see a full tutorial for this project.

It’s an Owl Lamp!



While she could easily imagine the original lamp in house with shag carpeting and 70’s paneling, April knew it would be easy to give the lamp a new look.  She tossed the old lampshade before spraying the owls with white paint.  She replaced the old shade with one she’d saved from a broken lamp.  I love the combination of burlap and bright white!


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