From Off the Bed Onto the Walls

When Manda and her Mom refinished this gorgeous old bed frame, they ran into a little glitch:  modern day mattresses are a little bigger than the ones this bed was made for.  To solve that dilemma, they pulled out the old frame and slats and attached the headboard and footboard to a modern, metal frame.  Manda was left with some aged wood and shared the way she repurposed some of it at Lost in the Found.


To turn the side rail of the refinished bed into a shelf, Manda started by cutting it to the length she wanted.  While refinished the original bed, she had used paint to give the wood the soft, pleasing patina of old barn wood, so there was no need for any more painting or refinishing.  Manda already had some brackets on hand that she’d found at a garage sale, so it was easy to mount those on the wall and attach the side rail onto them, ready to serve as a shelf.  So pretty!


Check out all the details of this project (and learn more about that gorgeous bed) at Lost in the Found.

Making Seashells Into Art

If you’ve ever come home from the beach with buckets full of seashells, then you can understand the dilemma of the beach comber:  you don’t want to throw away the shells you were so delighted to find, but what on earth can you do with all of them?  Well, lucky for you Kathy of Petticoat Junktion has an idea!


Kathy decided to turn her shell collection into art.  She used a weathered, reclaimed wood board as her canvas.  Next, Kathy used hot glue to attach some of her shells onto the board in a pretty floral shape.  A bit of rope glued beneath forms a stem and adds to the nautical feel of this piece.  It’s the perfect addition to her seashore themed vignette.


Visit Petticoat Junktion to read more about this seashell artwork.

Finding Love: a Trail Sign

Amy shared this craft at Stow & Tell U for Valentine’s Day.  Her version of this is definitely geared for that holiday, but this is a concept that you could adapt for any holiday or event–it would be super cute at a wedding, actually.  Amy crafted her version using scraps of pallet wood.


Starting with three slats from a pallet, Amy cut the slats in half and trimmed an end on each piece to form an arrow.  After sanding the boards, she mixed up a custom stain using red food coloring and vinegar.  Once applied, the homemade stain gave the boards the look of weathered, pink paint.  Amy painted on some catchy, love-realated locations with white paint before she nailed her pink arrows onto a sign post.  Adorable!


Get all the details you need to create your own version of this trail sign by clicking over to Stow & Tell U.

Pallet Wood Wall with Floating Shelves

At Ellery Designs, Michelle was trying to convince her husband that they needed some floating shelves on their dining room wall when he said he thought those shelves would look better against a background of rustic wood.  “I have to admit I wasn’t totally sold on the idea,” Michelle admits, “but let him run with it and now I can say I’m totally obsessed!”  For this project, her husband used wood pallets that they already had.


After tearing apart the pallets to harvest the wood, Michelle’s husband used the wood to outline a square on the wall and then filled it in with horizontal boards.  H built the floating shelves out of wood and attached them to the pallet wood square.  Michelle had a ton of fun styling her new pallet wood wall with floating shelves.  Doesn’t it look great?


Get more details on this project by visiting Ellery Designs.

Snowflakes from Pallets

Here’s a pallet project perfect for your winter decor!  Made by DeDe of Designed Decor, she has a bunch of these pallet snowflakes hanging outside her shop, where they are selling like hotcakes!



“I love making things out of free stuff and I especially love to repurpose things into something useful,” DeDe tells us.  She measured and cut her pallet wood in a variety of ways to create the weathered wood decorations, and provided all the details at her blog.  She used a DIY stain of steel wool and vinegar to age them a bit more, and added a d-ring to the back of each snowflake so they’ll hang easily.  What a neat idea!


Make sure you visit Designed Decor to get all the details!

Decorative Shutters Made from Pallet Wood

At Prodigal Pieces, Larissa scored some weather shipping pallets for free, thanks to Craigslist.  She decided to use some of her pallet wood to make some shutters for one of her windows.


After dismantling one of the pallets, she cut the boards to the sizes she needed for this project.  Each shutter was make of several longer boards that were braced together by two smaller boards nailed across them.  Larissa points out that it’s easy to cover up the lighter wood that shows up where the boards are cut by dabbing it with a bit of watered down gray paint.  The finishing touch was the addition of antique barn door hinges to each shutter.  “Viola! Not only did I help a local merchant clean up an unsightly pile, but was also able to create a lovely rustic touch to my home,” Larissa says happily.


Visit Prodigal Pieces to view a full tutorial for these faux barn wood shutters.

Beautiful Tray from Reclaimed Wood

“Early in the summer my mom and I tore down the playhouse my dad had built for me as a child,” says Jamie at Anderson + Grant.  “Even though the wood foundation was no longer in a condition to hold up the walls, the wood pickets that boarded the outside were still in great condition.  We saved many of the boards to use for various projects.”  Here is one of those projects.


Inspired by the photos she’s seen of serving trays made from reclaimed wood, Jamie decided to make on of her own.  She used the weathered wood pickets and a chunky picture frame her aunt gave her.  After cutting the fence wood to size, Jamie simply nailed it onto the back of the frame–that’s it!  The result is this gorgeous tray.


Click on over to Anderson + Grant to view the tutorial for this project.

Beachy Pallet Project

“My sweet and amazing husband surprised me with some pallets out in our garage,” says Courtney fondly at Crafts By Courtney.  “Who needs flowers when you get a pile of pallets to craft with!”  Who indeed?  Courtney’s first project was to add a little bit of the beach to her Florida home.


After ripping her pallet apart, Courtney nailed two of the pieces together to create a sign-like background.  She left the wood as it was, loving the weathered color and texture.  She hot glued some faux starfish from the craft store onto her sign.  Don’t they look amazing against the old wood?


Get all the details on this project when you visit Crafts By Courtney.