Wallpapered File Cabinet Redo

My boss is in the process of moving and has been in major clean out mode,” says Katie at Little House of Four.  “I was busy on the phone while this was all happening until I suddenly saw a guy hauling out an old file cabinet.”  Needless to say, Katie came home with an ugly but functional cabinet.


To give this cabinet a refreshing new look, Katie primed and painted it white.  Next, she selected some pretty gray and white wallpaper from the local hardware store, and covered the file drawers with it.  Katie also removed the original hardware and treated it with Gold Rub ‘n Buff to give it a shiny new look.  It’s a great addition to her craft closet.wallpapered-filing-cabinet

You can find out more about this project by visiting Little House of Four.

Faux Wallpaper with Vintage Maps

Have you ever wanted the design impact of a graphic statement wall, but felt unsure of the commitment required–both to install and live with?  Well, over at The Happy Housie, Krista found a couple of ways to get around those commitment issues.  She covered a wall with pages from old atlases.


This was a fast, easy project, according to Krista.  She simple selected maps from her atlases that had similar colors, cut the pages out, and used brass push pins to fix them in place on the wall.  Krista says, “I love how it adds so much extra interest and character to the wall in their closet… for very little time and cost.”  Awesome!


Visit The Happy Housie to get more information about this upcycled faux wallpaper.

Redoing a Bookshelf

A client brought Shanna of Restoration Redoux this Craigslist find and asked her to work a little magic on it.  It was dingy, dirty bookshelf that was in need of some TLC.

Shanna knew just how to fix it up.  Not only did she give it a fresh coat of paint, she dressed up the shelves with pretty, textured wallpaper in a bright shade of turquoise.  The combination of white and turquoise together is always a cheerful one, and that bright pop of color really makes this once dowdy bookshelf a real focal point.

You can learn more about the painting techniques Shanna used on this piece at Restoration Redoux.

Tiffany Blue Dresser Makeover

A blogs at Makin’ My Apartment Home, and loves to bring home curbside finds to transform.  Her latest project came home via her teenage daughter, who found it on the neighbors’ curb.  The old dresser definitely needed some TLC.

Now that this dresser is dressed in Tiffany blue and a fun black and white pattern, it is almost unrecognizable.  A did a great job disguising its frumpy past–even the drawer pulls have a brand new look!  I really like the combination of a soft color and bold pattern on this piece.

You can read more about this makeover at Makin’ My Apartment Home.

Bookshelf Makeover

When Kendra at Pots, Pans & Paintbrushes and  bought her house, the owners graciously left behind two ugly brown laminate bookshelves. Rather than chunking them or using them for garage storage, she decided to give them some TLC.

With a coat of white paint and patterned wallpaper applied as background, now the shelves are cute as can be in Kendra’s office.  Not bad for a pre-makeover price of $0.00, right?  I like the wallpaper she chose to cover the back of these shelves–it’s a subtle color, but the bold pattern gives the shelves an eye-catching effect that is really appealing.

Find out more about what worked for Kendra when it came to painting over laminate at Pots, Pans & Paintbrushes.

Wallpaper Top Table

Shanna from Restoration Redoux got this vintage table at a yard sale for $4. It was wobbly and dirty, and the leather inlay on top had rotted. Yes, it was in sad shape, but $4 for a wood table is too good a deal to walk away from!

yard sale side table

The mystery of the missing tabletop beguiled Shanna for some time. It was too thin to fit wood in the space, but how about some embossed wallpaper? Like me, you may be wondering how in the world you could have a functional table with a top made from wallpaper, but Shanna shows it can be done! Believe it or not, after six months, the lamp on top hasn’t even made a dent in the paper!

side table with wallpaper top

Go to Restoration Redoux to read more.

Painted Tray with Wallpaper

Shauna from Satori Design for Living had an ugly tray that was in a box heading for the thrift shop. When asked to be a part of the Spray Painters Anonymous series on Living Savvy, Shauna thought back to the tray and decided to make it over.


After some glossy white spray paint, the tray was already looking much better but lacked that little something special. Shauna gave it a “graphic punch” with some patterned wallpaper. I LOVE the new modern look and am so glad Shauna rescued the tray herself. The refabbed tray now has a privileged spot on Shauna’s office desk.


Find the tutorial at Living Savvy.

Bathroom Cabinet with Wallpaper

Amy from A Nest For All Seasons found a bathroom storage cabinet sitting curbside on the way to school with her kiddos. Yes, it was dirty and missing a few doors, but neither were obstacles Amy couldn’t work with.

bathroom cabinet before

With a little cleaning, wallpaper, and ingenuity, Amy created bathroom storage at its best! I love how she was able to to use items she already had on hand, making the transformation practically free. It just goes to show that it often takes just a little effort to make a big impact.

bathroom cabinet after

Read more at A Nest For All Seasons.