Repurposed Crate Shelves

When Aly from Entirely Eventful needed some storage space in her master bathroom, she came up with a super clever and simple solution that utilized a couple of basic wood crates she had on hand from Michael’s.

craft store crate to shelf

Aly slapped some stain on the crates and then mounted them on the wall for instant storage. I love the rustic quality of the slatted wood crates and think they would look super cute clustered on the wall in any room. They even make the toilet paper look good {wink}!

diy crate shelves

Head on over to Entirely Eventful for the details.

Picture Frame Shelf

Old frames are one of those things that thrift stores and garage sales never to seem to be lacking. However, you may not even need to make a trip to the thrift store if you’ve got a couple stashed in your closet… or just so happen to find some disposed of in a drain by your child’s school like PC from MeiJo’s Joy.frames from drain

PC painted one of the frames a creamy white and then paired it some junk wood panels to make a shelf for her daughter’s room. Now the frame is on display instead of in a drain! How have you given new life to an old frame? frame to shelf

Read more at MeiJo’s Joy.

Floating Wall Shelves

A couple of years after a major deck renovation, and Kari from Big Plans Little Victories still had tons of mahogany boards living in her basement. That’s when she and the hubs decided to challenge themselves to see how many things they could create from the wood.

old deck planks

Kari and her handy husband repurposed several of the boards into floating wall shelves for their master bedroom. Where many people (crazy people, of course!) would simply chuck all that old, beautifully weathered wood, Kari turned it into an eye-catching focal point.


Go to Big Plans Little Victories for the detailed tutorial.

Shutter Wall Shelves

For Nina from The Adventures of Artsy Nina, 2012 has finally brought the end to a bathroom remodel that has lasted for over a year. The finishing touches included towel shelves made from old shutters.

white shutter

You could probably score some discarded shutters through Craigslist or Freecycle to make your own cost efficient shelving. A quick coat of paint or maybe just a cleaning and they are ready to hang. Easy peasy!

shutters into shelves

Read more at The Adventures of Artsy Nina.

Drawer Wall Shelves

Kristen from Botany Boeh was inspired by a picture in a magazine to create wall shelves out of old drawers. The only problem was… she had no drawers! After they didn’t appear on the side of the ride for her to rescue, Kristen turned to good ol’ Craigslist to post a want ad. And whadda know, she got herself four drawers!

After a good cleaning and fresh coat of paint, the drawers were ready to hang and house all of Kristen’s books. Since the drawers are separate, they provide a natural organization system that is perfect for books. The drawers could even serve as art with some fun paper or fabric decoupaged inside!

Check it out at Botany Boeh.