From Off the Bed Onto the Walls

When Manda and her Mom refinished this gorgeous old bed frame, they ran into a little glitch:  modern day mattresses are a little bigger than the ones this bed was made for.  To solve that dilemma, they pulled out the old frame and slats and attached the headboard and footboard to a modern, metal frame.  Manda was left with some aged wood and shared the way she repurposed some of it at Lost in the Found.


To turn the side rail of the refinished bed into a shelf, Manda started by cutting it to the length she wanted.  While refinished the original bed, she had used paint to give the wood the soft, pleasing patina of old barn wood, so there was no need for any more painting or refinishing.  Manda already had some brackets on hand that she’d found at a garage sale, so it was easy to mount those on the wall and attach the side rail onto them, ready to serve as a shelf.  So pretty!


Check out all the details of this project (and learn more about that gorgeous bed) at Lost in the Found.

Upcycled Corbel Shelf

At Monkey See, Monkey Do, Jennifer tells us, “These old corbels were in our barn. They were originals from an old farmhouse on our property which was renovated in the 1970s. They were stashed in the barn. When we bought the property two years ago, we found them and thought it would be neat to use them in our home.”

Monkey See Monkey Do corbels before

Jennifer painted the corbels black and topped them with a pine board to create this beautiful shelf.  I like the two-tone effect of the pine board paired with the painted corbels.  I love that Jennifer was able to use something with history and meaning to her family in their home to decorate.

Monkey See Monkey Do corbels after

For more information on this project, go to Monkey See, Monkey Do.

Shutter Wall Shelf

Lisa from Serendipity Chic Designs got a major steal when she scored four vintage shutters for only $2.50 a piece at a tag sale. Don’t you love a good bargain?

vintage shutters

Lisa had plans to turn two of the shutters in to a one-of-a-kind wall shelf. Since they already had a beautiful weathered finish, all Lisa had to do was hang them with brackets and add some décor!

shutter wall shelf

Check it out at Serendipity Chic Designs.

Hanging Drawer Shelf

After tearing down an old farmhouse and rebuilding a new home on the site, Jennifer from Monkey See, Monkey Do!, has a lot of salvaged materials, including most of the original cabinetry. This drawer had sat neglected in her barn for a long while.

old drawer

With the help of her dad and his wood shop, Jennifer cut shelves for to fit the drawer, wall papered the back, and then painted it. It makes a great shelf now for Jennifer’s craft supplies and has allowed her to hold on to a little piece of history.

drawer to hanging craft shelf

Find all the details at Monkey See, Monkey Do!

Floating Wall Shelves

A couple of years after a major deck renovation, and Kari from Big Plans Little Victories still had tons of mahogany boards living in her basement. That’s when she and the hubs decided to challenge themselves to see how many things they could create from the wood.

old deck planks

Kari and her handy husband repurposed several of the boards into floating wall shelves for their master bedroom. Where many people (crazy people, of course!) would simply chuck all that old, beautifully weathered wood, Kari turned it into an eye-catching focal point.


Go to Big Plans Little Victories for the detailed tutorial.

Stacked Table Shelf

This little table was a gift of the secondhand sort from my grandma and grandpa that became one of my most recent Roadkill Rescues over at Infarrantly Creative. It had been in my grandparent’s home for decades (although with a tablecloth on it!), and they were ready to get rid of it. I really loved the geometric design on the sides but didn’t need a nightstand or end table anywhere in my home.


After some serious brain power, I came up with the idea of cutting the table in half to create a stacked shelf for my guest bedroom. I really love how I was able to preserve my favorite part of the shelf but make it work for my space.


Check out the detailed tutorial at Infarrantly Creative.

Thrifty Craft Room

Rebecca from Older and Wisor wanted to turn an empty space into a craft/play space but was sadly without the means. Instead of waiting years to save and have the perfectly coordinated space, she sold the items she no longer used and rolled that money into designing the room. Not a bad plan! One item she got for free was this drawer that was found in an alley.

Free Drawer

Rebecca added some shelves and turned it vertically for some creative craft supply storage.

Drawer Repurpose

She had this magnetic whiteboard on hand in her kids’ room that was in rough shape with tons of dry erase marks and a scratchy surface.


With some primer and chalkboard paint, it’s as good as new!

Whiteboard turned Chalkboard

Rebecca found this big old dresser for only $25 on Craigslist.


With some green paint and numbered drawers, it has new life and provides tons of great storage space.

Refabbed Dresser

Head to Older and Wisor to check out the rest of Rebecca’s craft room.

Vintage Camera Cubby Wall Shelf

Tracy from Tracy’s Trinkets and Treasures inherited a cubby wall shelf from her mother-in-law after she passed away. The shelf hung in Tracy’s garage for two and half years before finally being put to good use.

Cubby Wall Shelf

Tracy’s husband removed the top and bottom trim before Tracy went to work deglossing and painting. Tracy encountered some woes along the way and pretty much had to start over after a glazing and dry brushing job gone wrong. Thankfully take two was a success, and Tracy now uses the shelf to display her vintage camera collection. Her vignette is so awesome with all the old cameras and ads. Love!

Vintage Camera Collection Unit

Find the tutorial at Tracy’s Trinkets and Treasures.