Beachy Pallet Project

“My sweet and amazing husband surprised me with some pallets out in our garage,” says Courtney fondly at Crafts By Courtney.  “Who needs flowers when you get a pile of pallets to craft with!”  Who indeed?  Courtney’s first project was to add a little bit of the beach to her Florida home.


After ripping her pallet apart, Courtney nailed two of the pieces together to create a sign-like background.  She left the wood as it was, loving the weathered color and texture.  She hot glued some faux starfish from the craft store onto her sign.  Don’t they look amazing against the old wood?


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Golden Leaf Mobile

“I was swinging my daughter on her swing in our backyard when I noticed the few leaves that had fallen from our tree,” says Selene at Restoration Beauty. The leaves captured her imagination, so as soon as they were done swinging, Selene scooped up her daughter and a few of the leaves and got crafty.

fallen leaves

For starters, Selene sprayed the leaves she’d collected with gold metallic paint.  She found a bamboo stick that had been holding up a plant, and repurposed it to turn her gold leaves into art.  Each leaf got tied to a bit of string, which in turn was tied to the bamboo.  Selena is displaying the painted leaves against her chalkboard for a fun contrast.  Pretty!


Visit Restoration Beauty to learn more about this fallen leaf art.

Painted Leaf Art

Here’s a fun Fall project that I think gives off a trendy tribal vibe.  It’s wall art made from fallen leaves by Carmody at Paper & Fox.


While out walking the kids to school, Carmody spotted these magnolia leaves on the ground.  They were such a great shape and size, almost like feathers, so she gathered them up and brought them home.  Carmody spray painted the leaves with copper metallic paint.  She embellished them with black and white acrylic paint.  Next, she attached the leaves with fishing line to a branch from her yard.  Carmody hung the branch and leaves on the wall for instant art.  Awesome!


For more information about specific paint colors and materials, visit Paper & Fox.

Adorable Art for Kids

Here’s a delightful little project from Meghan of Our Pinteresting Family.  She likes to use the squeezable pouch baby foods when she and the kids are on the go.  “They have the colorful twist-off tops on them, and I have been collecting them, hoping to use them for crafts,” Meghan tells us.


While her little ones were napping one day, inspiration struck.  Meghan had a few small canvases.  She used her craft cutting machine to cut some simple transportation-themed shapes out of colorful vinyl–trucks, trains, etc.  After applying each shape to a small canvas, Meghan glued the plastic baby-food lids onto the vehicles, in place of wheels.  This gave them an extra shot of color and a fun, 3-D effect.  The new art will go in the playroom at Meghan’s house.  I’m so impressed by her creativity!


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Scrap Wood Wall Art

At Home.Made.Interest, Melinda tells us that she found this wood in the scrap pile at Home Depot.  She brought it home with plans to turn it into some wall art for her gallery wall.


To get just the graywashed look she had in mind, Melinda actually layered two different types of stain onto the wood.  She hot glued the boards together to create a canvas.  Next, Melinda personalized her sign by cutting out some vinyl lettering:  the word “home”, and the GPS coordinates of her home’s location.  She applied the vinyl to the wood canvas and then hung it on the wall next to her family picture gallery wall.  How fun!


Learn more about this project (like how to find the latitude and longitude of your home) at Home.Made.Interest.

Agate Art

Corinna blogs at For My Love Of.  There, she shares an idea for creating art from nature.  In Corinna’s case, she had some beautiful agate slices leftover from another craft project.

agate slice

Turning the colorful geode slices into art was fairly simple.  Corinna glued the agates onto pieces of poster board.  The poster board was already measured and cut to fit in some dollar store shadow box frames.  She slipped the boards back into the frames and they were ready to display!  Aren’t those colors gorgeous?


Go to For My Love Of to learn more about this agate art.

Inexpensive Wall Art from a Calendar

Taryn of Design, Dining + Diapers has been decorating her daughter’s bedroom.  She found an excellent source for inexpensive art when she repurposed an old calendar.


“The prints actually came from a calendar of Paris monuments that my sister-in-law gave me the year my husband and I got married,” Taryn explains.  She’d held on to the calendar for sentimental reasons and because she loves Paris.  The calendar pictures are vintage postcard prints of Paris.  Taryn simply put them in frames from Hobby Lobby and hung them on the wall.  Voila–instant art!


To find out more about using calendar pages as art, visit Design, Dining + Diapers.

Antlers, Pallets, and a Picture Frame

At her blog, Roubinek Reality, Jamie admits that she had antlers in her house before they were cool.  Married to a hunter, “I fought it for a long time and had rules about where they could be hung and how many. But recently, his antler collection he’s had in the garage has started to grow on me,” she explains.


Jamie decided to put her own spin on a set of antlers.  She grabbed some pallet wood that she had on hand and used it to make a canvas.  Jamie spray painted the antlers white, and attached them to the front of her pallet wood canvas.  The finishing touch was hanging a burlap covered canvas beneath the antlers, with a picture of her little girl pinned to it.  It’s a fun and interesting addition to Jamie’s gallery wall.


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