Genuine Barn Window Makes a Lovely Mirror

“I picked up an old window beside the road last spring, as I was driving my son to preschool on trash collection day,” Nina tells us at Everyday Enchanting. “It was propped up against the mailbox in front of an antique colonial farmhouse. Of course I had to pull over!”

Everyday Enchanting old barn window

Before she pulled away with her find, Nina realized that the window actually came from a barn being renovated on the property,  weathered gray barn wood and all.  Back at home,  she decided it needed to be an antique-style mirror. “I replaced the panes and transformed the glass with Krylon Looking Glass spray paint,” Nina explains.  “The mirror has found a home in my foyer with my spring decorations.”

Everyday Enchanting old barn window mirror panes

Visit Everyday Enchanting to find out how Nina turned the glass panes of this vintage window into mirrors.

Chalkboard Window

After finding a pile of gorgeous vintage windows on the side of the road recently, April has been sharing all the ways she’s repurposing those windows at House by Hoff.  (I featured one of those transformations here.)  Her latest window project is perfect for a summertime vignette.

House by Hoff window before

The window April chose to work on this time was already covered in the prettiest shade of blue, chippy paint.  She cleaned it gently to preserve as much of that paint as possible, then sealed it carefully.  The panes of this window were intact, so April layered them with latex paint and then chalkboard paint, creating a chalkboard window!  Adding a summery quote and a beachy garland were all it took to complete the look.  I’ve got to find myself some old windows!

House by Hoff window after

Get all the details on this project at House by Hoff.


Farmhouse Cabinet from Old Window

At Denise on a Whim, Denise had an old window and decided it would be fun to turn it into a cabinet.  She collects strawberry decor, and thought a rustic cabinet would be a good place to keep her collection.

Vintage Window

First, Denise’s husband made the base of the cabinet out of pallet wood.  They attached chicken wire to the window before they hinged it onto the cabinet base.  Denise painted  the inside of the shelf a cheerful strawberry pink.  What a whimsical addition to Denise’s home!

Denise on a Whim vintage window cabinet

You can find out more about this project at Denise on a Whim.


Vintage Window to Bathroom Towel Rack

At House by Hoff, April tells about her latest rescue.  “My husband and I came across a stack of probably 20 huge, old windows on the side of the road a few months ago.  I’m not sure if it’s how loud I shrieked for him to pull over, or his quick reflexes, but either way we were in a stranger’s driveway taking their old windows before I could fully process my luck!”

House by Hoff window before

April’s idea for the first window was to turn it into a towel rack for her master bathroom.  Before it could become a towel rack, the window had to be thoroughly cleaned.  “I was concerned that the paint on this window might be a lead-based paint,” she explains.  “Since I wanted to retain the chippy, shabby look, but didn’t want paint chips to occasionally fall to the floor, I used a water-based polycrylic to seal the window.”  A few hooks added to the bottom of the window completed the new towel rack.  I want one for my bathroom!

House by Hoff window after

You can find out more about this project at House by Hoff.

Window Hat Rack

Shari from Turnstyle Vogue loves to incorporate old windows into her home décor. If you’ve been itching to get your hands on an old window of your own, Shari suggests checking out “vintage stores, Habitat ReStores, Craigslist  and your local recycling center.”


Shari turned this particular window into a unique greeting for her guests. She added some cast iron hooks and then painted on a “simple and playful” greeting with a paint pen. I love working with vintage items like this window because you don’t have to work to add character. It’s already there!


Check out Shari’s new hat rack at Turnstyle Vogue.

Window Framed Family Portrait

Maryann of Domestically Speaking tells us, “My brother works in construction and lately has been replacing lots of windows… yeah for me!”  She had recently pinned a tutorial on printing large scale photos inexpensively, and while looking at her pile of frames thought, “Why not combine a window frame with a large print?”

Always something window before

I like the way Maryann thinks.  Her project turned out beautifully, with her family portrait framed by a vintage window.  Can you believe that this project cost less than $5?  It’s definitely the boutique look for way less than boutique prices.

Domestically Speaking window after

You can learn more about how Maryann turned a window frame into a picture frame at Domestically Speaking.

Vintage Window Message Center

The story of how Patty from Always Something acquired her stash of vintage windows is a good one.  While driving through a historic Virginia college campus with her husband, Patty spotted a dumpster heaped with old windows.  She convinced her husband to stop the  car, and Patty pulled out as many as she could.

Since then, Patty has been using those windows to make all kinds of things–including gifts for friends and family–like this message center.  The addition of magnetic chalkboard paint and a small bulletin board to three of the panes turned one old window into a perfectly sized message center.  I especially like the letters that spell out “Joy” in the upper panes.

Find out more about Patty’s window makeover at Always Something.

Christmas Cheer Window

Over at A Creative Princess, Terri’s husband replaced windows in an old farmhouse one day.  Knowing how much she loves old windows, he brought a few of the smaller ones home to Terri.  Terri re-imagined this window into cheerful holiday decor.

With the movie Elf being a favorite at her house, Terri thought it would be fun to showcase a favorite quote from the movie inside the window panes.  She kept the rustic look of the window, but added some fun embellishments and colorful paper to up the cheer factor.  The quick makeover gave Terri and her family a fun and meaningful holiday decoration.

You can see Terri’s tutorial at A Creative Princess.