Pretty Book Covers

I think it’s fair to say that we all have a few books on our shelves that we’re either a) slightly embarrassed to admit that we own OR b) we’ve read and loved them so often that they look a bit worse for the wear.  You may even possess books that fit both categories at once!  Emily at My So-Called DIY Blog has a solution to both issues.  Check out how she covered up some of the books on her shelf.


Working to style a new set of bookshelves, Emily admits, “I do think books in and of themselves are beautiful, but I have a few mismatched series (some are hard copy, some are paperback, some are library discards or used, and some are new) that are an eye sore.”  She used white wrapping paper to cover each book.  Next, she printed out free vintage graphics onto paper, cut the graphic to fit on the spine of each book, and created a “puzzle” effect by lining up the books together so that the graphic is displayed.  What a genius idea!


Get all the details on this easy fix for ugly books at My So-Called DIY Blog.

A Pirate’s Life for This Side Table

Yo-ho, yo-ho, another roadkill rescue for me!  As you may have guessed, this one has a nautical theme…and it’s gorgeous!  Jodi of Enhanced Home Decor started with this roadside find: a small, hexagon shaped side table.

Enhanced Home Decor side table before

She wasn’t quite sure how she wanted to refinish this table until she took an image transfer class.  Right away, she was inspired to give this table a little seafaring flair with the addition of a sailor’s compass graphic.  After painting the body of the table in a creamy white chalk paint, Jodi used alternating shades of dark and light wax to bring out the beautiful woodtones of the six triangles that make up the tabletop.  Then she added the vintage graphic as a finishing touch.  Shiver me timbers, it’s stunning!

Enhanced Home Decor side table after

Get all the details on how Jodi transferred the compass image onto this side table at Enhanced Home Decor.

Francophile Chest Makeover

Over at Rendition Road, Stacey tells us, “I found this solid, hand built chest tossed curbside & took her home.  I could tell it was hand built by someone who knew what they were doing. She was in such bad shape though, cleanliness wise, that she needed some intensive care once I got her home.”

Rendition Road wood box before

After some deep cleaning and primer, the chest was ready for a touch of vintage France.  Stacey handpainted the design on the top of the chest, referring to some old French graphics.  Stacey even refinished the chest’s hardward before she reattached it.  “Now the possibilities of how she could be used or displayed are endless!” she points out.  Isn’t that an impressive makeover?

Rendition Road after collage

Find out more about how Stacey applied that awesome graphic at Rendition Road.

“Vintage” Pharmacy Sign from Old Wood

After having her kids and husband home for a week over Christmas break, Karin from Art is Beauty was itching to do a project.  It had to be a quick one while the rest of the crew was sledding, so she grabbed some old scrap wood and went to work.

Art is Beauty boards before

After nailing the boards together, Karin used iron-on-transfer paper (clever!) to add a free graphic she had found that looked like an old, French pharmacy sign.  The overall effect is truly one that would make you think that Karin went antiquing while her kids and husband were sledding!  It looks amazing.

Art is Beauty boards after

You can get the full details on this project at Art is Beauty.