vase with straws2

Pretty Patterned Drinking Straw Vases

Anima can't stop herself from collecting pretty paper straws, but she also can't bring herself to ruin them by (gasp!) drinking from them. So she's decided to "use them to make pretty things instead." At This Design Journal, Anima is showing us an easy way to transform a straw stash into colorful vases.

Upcycled Cinco de Mayo Decor

Happy Cinco de Mayo, everyone! That's the 5th of May for my friends who no hablo espanol. I found a quick and easy upcycling project that's perfect for decoration any fiesta or adding a shot of color to the tabletop on Taco Tuesday, posted by Brie at Like the Cheese.

Twine Wrapped Vases for Valentine’s Day Decor

Here's a pretty project for your Valentine's Day Decor that Katie from View From the Fridge shared at Juggling Act Mama. Starting a new diet over the holidays that prohibited alcohol or any sugary drinks, Katie and her husband went through a lot of sparkling water. Looking at the pile of glass bottles she'd accumulated, Katie decided it was time for a craft project!

New Look for Dated Ceramics

"I've had this Chinese vase for almost 20 years," says Cristina from Remodelando la Casa, "but it's been stored in the basement for the last 15 because its color scheme didn't go with my home decor any longer."  A vignette on the cover of a Ballard Designs catalog made her decide to bring that it out of storage. chinese-vase-before
repurposed sweater

Sweater Vase Cozies

You may remember the sweater pillows I recently made for a friend’s home. With colder weather in the future, it got me thinking about other fun sweater upcycling projects. Alicia from Thrifty and Chic wowed me with this fun idea for repurposing an old sweater. repurposed sweater