Vanity to Kids’ Art Station

Jessica blogs at Mom 4 Real, and she’s been busy working on her daugther’s “big girl room”.  She caught a lucky break when it came to furnishing the room by finding this dresser and vanity set along the side of the road.

Mom 4 Real vanity before

The vanity was in pretty bad shape, and required some repair work before it could be painted.  Unfortunately, the mirror that came with the vanity had shattered while Jessica was storing the piece, so she had to improvise.  Her solution was to make a chalkboard where the mirror had been, and turn the vanity into an adorable art station for her daughter.  Don’t you love the pretty aqua color she used?

Mom 4 Real vanity after

You can learn more about this project at Mom 4 Real.

Vintage Vanity Makeover

When Shanna of Restoration Redoux first saw this vintage vanity, not only was it really dirty, it had been spray painted brown.  A free find from Craigslist, it had definitely seen better days.

Restoration Redoux vanity before

Luckily, Shanna is no stranger to furniture makeovers, and could see the hidden potential in this piece.  Shanna tells us, “I cleaned it up and painted it with a metallic silver paint. I then used an antiquing glaze to give it a bit of an aged look. I spray painted the hardware a metallic silver and coated the vanity with poly.”  It definitely took some effort, but when you see the vanity now, you have to admit it was really worthwhile.

Restoration Redoux vanity after

You can learn more about this makeover at Restoration Redoux.

Curbside Vanity Makeover

Leah at Dickey’s Decor is lucky that her co-workers know what makes her tick:  one of them texted her the address where this old vanity was sitting at the curb.  It was a while before Leah could make her way across town to find it, but it must have been meant to be, because this gorgeous, solid wood piece was still there waiting!

Dickey's Decor vanity before

At home, Leah had to really work to find a paint that they underlying finish wouldn’t leach through.  She settled on a warm gray.  She sanded the original knobs and vanity top and gave them a clear finish so that the beautiful mahogany could take center stage.  After refinishing the mirror and stool, Leah has a complete vanity set.  Didn’t she do a great job?

Dickey's Decor vanity after

You can read more about this refinishing project at Dickey’s Decor.

Clean and Bright Vanity Dresser Makeover

At Purposely Reinvented, Mary Anne says, “My husband’s face contorts whenever he sees me bring home ‘another honey color’ piece of furniture, doesn’t matter if it’s free. I have been in need of a dresser/vanity to put make up, to help keep me organized. What I love about this piece are the curved legs and that it’s off the floor. He was a believer after I finished repainting this piece.”

Purposely Reinvented vanity before

Mary Anne lives in Los Angeles, where thrift shops abound.  She nearly passed this one by because it looked so homely, but then realized it had great potential.  White paint really has transformative power, doesn’t it?  It looks completely different from the way Mary Anne found it.  Gorgeous!

Purposely Reinvented vanity after

For more information on how Mary Anne refinished this piece, check out Purposely Reinvented.

My Roadkill Rescued Bathroom Cabinet

Hi, Everyone!  I want to tell you about a fun rescue I shared over at Infarrantly Creative, this week.  It’s my latest Roadkill Rescue challenge on Indy Style, the local lifestyle show I have been a part of for the last 18 months.  Viewer Jennifer submitted this worn out cabinet/dresser combo she had taking up room in her garage for a year and a half.  It was in pretty rough condition and it couldn’t be restored without some MAJOR work.

Infarrantly Creative bathroom cabinet before

I literally took the entire thing apart and pretty much just used the wood to create something new:  a bathroom cabinet.  I wanted to somehow use the feet because Jennifer really liked them but the back feet got damaged in the demolition part. Doh! So I flipped the feet upside down and used them to add architectural interest to the top.

Infarrantly Creative bathroom cabinet after

Another piece saved from the trash heap!  Roadkill Rescue RULES!  Click over to Infarrantly Creative to get more details on this project, including info about the pretty gray paint color.

Rescued Vanity

At Dear Emmeline, this vanity was a drive-by rescue on the night before bulk trash pickup.  Jessica and her husband stumbled on it by pure chance, and were delighted to take it home for a makeover.

The worn finish was nothing some chalk paint couldn’t handle.  Now in a fresh color and lightly distressed with a touch of gold leaf, this vanity deserves the name!  It’s a gorgeous piece of furniture with lovely details.  Thank goodness that Jessica found it, and could see its potential.

You can get more details on how this vanity was refinished by Jessica at Dear Emmeline.

Blue Painted Vanity

Tammy from Homespun Happenings first met this vanity when her hubby brought it home for her to refinish. You always know you’ve got a good man when he carts furniture home for you from the side of the road {giggle}!

vanity before

Tammy had to give it a cleaning and sanding to remove the nastiness that lurked on it after an apparent life in a damp basement. With a coat of chalk paint and some wax it now looks like a million bucks! This really is such a pretty piece of furniture with great storage and detail work. To think it was headed to the landfill!

vanity after

Check it out at Homespun Happenings.