Painting an Upholstered Chair Pink

“In the past, I would go to yard sales and see amazing upholstered vintage chairs, and I would pass them by,” confesses Shanna at Restoration Redoux.  After figuring out that it was possible to actually paint upholstery, however, her days of passing by vintage chairs are over.  Shanna was thrilled when her mom spotted this tufted number on a neighbor’s curb.


The chair was sturdy, but covered in faded peach fabric.  Shanna pulled out a can of plaster paint in a fun shade of pink and got to work painting, noting that it’s normal for the layers of paint to make the chair feel pretty crunchy, initially.  Next, she painted the legs of the chair with silver metallic plaster paint.  Finally, she covered the upholstery with wax and buffed it, noting, “After you have buffed off the wax, that is when it will soften and feel like a soft leather.”  Great tip, and check out the results of her makeover.


Visit Restoration Redoux to get details on specific paint brands and colors that Shanna used for this upholstered chair makeover.

Chair Revival

Stacy and Eric blog at Anastasia Vintage (click over to read the very cool story behind their blog name).  A Craigslist curb alert led them to this chair….which had definitely seen better days.


It took some serious elbow grease and a good paint stripper, but Stacy and Eric were eventually able to remove the plastic-y layer of paint that coated the solid wood frame of the chair.  They created a custom color of chalk paint for this chair that they explain as, “Neutral enough to compliment lots of color schemes, with just enough lilac to give it some punch!”  A replaced and reupholstered seat cushion in matching damask completes the new look.


Find out more about this lovely chair revival at Anastasia Vintage.

Rescued Chair Gets Restoration Restyle

Erin and Emily blog at Elizabeth Joan Designs.  The last time the sisters were together, Erin mentioned that she needed a chair for her new desk.  As luck would have it, Emily had recently rescued the perfect chair from the roadside, and was happy to pass it along to her sister.  As you can see, the chair was in decent condition, but the upholstery was not.


The first step in this chair redo was pulling off the original, stained upholstery and all the accompanying upholstery tacks.  Next, Erin sanded, primed, and painted the wood frame of the chair white.  Using the original fabric pieces as templates, she cut corresponding shapes from a canvas drop cloth, and used the canvas to recover the cushions.  Erin attached double welt cording to the rough edges of the upholstery to finish everything off.  It looks spectacular!


If you’d like to learn more about this makeover, click over to Elizabeth Joan Designs.

Chair of Pi

When one of her neighbors had a yard sale this summer, Paula spotted this chair.  She didn’t want to pay what they were asking, so she was thrilled when this chair ended up on the curb after the sale was over.  Paula shares the makeover she gave this chair at Sweet Pea.


Although her initial instinct was to paint the chair, after taking a good look at the wood Paula decided to sand off the old finish and let the beautiful wood show with a new coat of stain.  She plumped up the seat cushion with another layer of foam.  To personalize the chair, Paula stitched the sign for Pi onto the new upholstery.  She explains, “Since I have taught math, am the daughter of a math teacher, and have an engineer for a husband, Pi is my number of choice.”  How fun!


Click over to Sweet Pea to get all the details on how Paula gave this chair a new look.

Desk Chair Made Pretty Again

At The Happy Tulip, Amy confesses that she’d been without a desk chair for quite some time, and was hoping to find an inexpensive replacement.  When she drove past this wobbly little chair on the curbside, it was love at first sight–Amy knew she’d found her desk chair.

A fresh coat of paint and some pretty new upholstery did wonders to cheer up what was once a sad, sorry chair.  Since Amy used fabric and paint she already had on hand, making this chair pretty didn’t cost her a dime!  I love the simple, curvy lines of this chair, and I’m so thrilled that Amy had the imagination to see it’s lovely possibilities back when it was headed for the trash.

You can learn more about how Amy refinished this chair at The Happy Tulip.










Reupholstered Desk Chair

Jenna of SAS Interiors had been wanting to try her hand at reupholstering for awhile but was held back by her own uncertainty of whether or not she could actually take on the task. After gaining the confidence she needed, Jenna dove in and found her guinea pig at a thrift store.

reupholstered chair before

And here it is in its new set of clothes! Would you ever believe this was Jenna’s first upholstery project? If you’ve also been wanting to try reupholstering yourself, here’s what Jenna has to say: “I have no upholstery skills, so this is something that absolutely ANYONE can do. If I can do it, so can you!”

reupholstered chair after

Go to SAS Interiors to see all the steps Jenna took in reupholstering her chair.

Coffee Sack Chair

Catherine from Paisley & Polka Dot Threads found this captains chair at her local op shop. Someone had apparently stabbed the seat and arm rests with a pair of scissors, as indicated by the many gouge marks.

thrift store chair before

Lucky for the chair, it escaped the abuse and ended up in Catherine’s loving care. With a coat of black paint and a new coffee sack seat covering, the chair has a new lease on life!

Coffee Sack Chair

Get all the details at Paisley & Polka Dot Threads.

Reupholstered Chair

Meredith from Meredith & Gwyneth, the New Yorkie had this chair in her NYC apartment. It had originally been purchased by Meredith’s mother for $5.00 at a flea market, so it was a true deal! While she really liked the silhouette, Meredith thought it could be a lot more fun.

reupholstered chair before

When Meredith put out a cry for help, her readers came through with lots of great tutorials and suggestions for reupholstering the chair. With their help, Meredith was able to finish a project that she thought was way above her skill level. I love how Meredith combined two different fabrics for the seat and back. It definitely livens up the chair like she wanted.

reupholstered chair

Check it out at Meredith & Gwyneth, the New Yorkie.