Recycled Bottle Bracelet

This recycling craft comes to us from 14 year old Kelly, who blogs at Craft Your Style.  Kelly figured out how to make jewelry out of something really easy to find:  plastic water bottles!

Craft Your Style bottle bracelet before

Kelly used decorative paper and mod podge to transform a water bottle into several cute bracelets.  Besides making good use of something that might otherwise have been thrown away, I love that Kelly made these bracelets in varying widths.  Being able to use different colors and patterns of paper makes these bracelets really versatile.

Craft Your Style bottle bracelet after

You can get directions for these bracelets and check out Kelly’s other projects at Craft Your Style.

Water Bottle Octopus

Here’s a great rainy day activity for your kiddos from Crafts by Amanda. This cute and eco-friendly sea creature began as an empty plastic water bottle.

plastic water bottle

With some paint and a few other crafty doo dads, Amanda transformed it into a pretty pink octopus. For a little extra fun you could have your kids create an octopus that resembles each member of your family or challenge them to come up with ways to make other sea animals from recycled materials.

water bottle octopus

Find the steps to make your own octopus at Crafts by Amanda.