Pallet-Inspired Coffee Mug Rack

Laura from My Newest Addiction kept seeing really cute coffee mug racks made from pallets, but did not love the $100+ price tag they came with. Instead, she created a version of her own! (Secret spoiler alert: you don’t even need a pallet to make this!)


After a search for a pallet left her empty-handed, Laura’s husband mentioned the scrap wood in the garage and offered to “nail some boards together in a pallet-like shape.” Once her “pallet” was assembled, she spray-painted the base color (a copper foil) and her letters. After her second color went on, Laura used sandpaper to help the “other shade pop out and give it a pretty, worn look.” She attached her letters and hooks and voila! I’m betting her mornings are at least 67% better with this beauty greeting her in the kitchen.

diy-coffee-mug-rackSee the complete instructions at  My Newest Addiction.

Pallet to Liquor Shelf

Jessi from Practically Functional says, “I found a really well-constructed pallet in the alley behind our apartment, and knew I had to snatch it up quick before anyone else did!”

Practically Functional pallet before

She had just the project in mind for this:  a shelf that could store their liquor somewhere up high…that would be more decorative than the way they were setting bottles up above the fridge!  Jessi took apart the pallet, built the shelf, and stained it with a beautiful espresso finish.  Happy with the end result, Jessi  reports, “I love taking something that someone else has thrown out and making it into something useful, functional, and pretty for our home. And that’s exactly what I did for this project: I turned a beat up old pallet into a gorgeous, rustic shelf!”

Practically functional pallet after

You can learn more about how Jessi made this shelf at Practically Functional.

Pallet Wood Fold-Up Desk

I’m lucky enough to have Karianne of Thistlewood Farms as one of my contributors over at one of my other sites.  Check out this amazing desk she built from a pallet and shared over at Infarrantly Creative.

Infarrantly Creative pallet wood desk

This is a cinch as far as pallet repurosing projects go, because–as Karianne points out–you don’t even have to remove any boards from the pallet.  She simply attached a piece of plywood with piano hinges to part of the pallet, and used some other easy-to-find materials to make it foldable.  Then, Karianne sanded and stained the pallet.  Once it had dried, she attached it to the wall.  Don’t you love the way she decorated the desk?  It looks amazing!

Infarrantly Creative pallet wood desk after

You can view a full tutorial for this project at Infarrantly Creative, and check out more of Karianne’s amazing work at her blog, Thistlewood Farms.


Coffee Table from a Shipping Pallet

Susan from Rustic Rediscovered said she had the perfect project in mind when she spotted it in the shipping and receiving department at her husband’s work.  Here’s how it looked when she found it, boot prints and all:

The weathered wood didn’t get in the way of Susan’s plans for the pallet, at all.  Instead, she added legs and decorative metallic accents and stained the wood a dark brown.  Now the pallet is a coffee table that gives off a rustic industrial vibe.  It’s definitely in line with today’s trends.

You can learn more about how Susan made this pallet coffee table at Rustic Rediscovered.


Pallet Storage Crate

Karah from The Space Between is a sucker for the gray patina of an old pallet, and, lucky for her, she finds them at many construction sites around her little island of Curacao. She recently found those acquired pallets useful when she decided to solve a storage issue in her tiny kitchen.


For ZERO dollars Karah made a cute little crate from the pallet to store her canned goods. Of course, she couldn’t resist stenciling on a few numbers and a "destination" for her new crate. Karah definitely prefers her new crate to having her pantry items stored in the television stand!

pallet to crate

Find the tutorial at The Space Between.

Wood Chevron Planter

Dez and Seth from 91204 created an AWESOME wood planter that will bring some serious style to your outdoors. While the main box frame was built from redwood and cedar, leftover pieces of pallet wood are the real stars here.

diy chevron planter wood

I love how Dez and Seth added splashes of color to a few of the boards and then arranged them to create a chevron pattern around the main frame. It’s like a piece of art for your yard!

diy chevron planter

Check it out at 91204.

Love Pallet Art

Kari from Newlyweds on a Budget had her husband pick up these old pallets that she found online for free. Kari had originally intended to build a sideboard out of them. However, when that project didn’t pan out, she put them to use as wall art for her master bedroom.

pallet to art

To make their wall sign, Kari and her husband tore the pallets apart and then nailed some boards back together. Kari did a light white wash of the wood and then added a few words of wisdom from the Beatles {wink, wink}. This is really cute for a master bedroom!

all you need is love pallet art

Find all the details at Newlyweds on a Budget.

Pallet Jewelry Holder

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, that may mean you need to make room for a new piece of jewelry or two. Why not put them on display with a jewelry shelf like the one made by Leslie from Sweet Sweet Simplicity? Leslie started out with a mini pallet. Isn’t it cute?

mini pallet

Leslie sanded, painted, and stained the pallet and then added some salvaged pieces from old end tables. The wire part happens to be perfect for hanging earrings! Leslie then gave the pallet the five star treatment – girly hooks, glass drawer pulls, and pretty patterned scrapbook paper. I love seeing another creative pallet repurpose!

pallet jewelry shelf

Go to Sweet Sweet Simplicity for the tutorial.