Bat Branches for Halloween

Here’s a darling idea for some easy and inexpensive Halloween decor, from Diane at In My Own Style.  She made it using fallen branches from outdoors and craft supplies she already had on hand.


Initially, Diane had collected the branches to put in a vase for some added texture in her Fall decor.  But as Halloween approached, she went a little batty with the twigs.  Diane simply tied pieces of black ribbon onto the branches and gave them “eyes” with white puffy paint.  Super cute!


Visit In My Own Style to learn more about this Halloween craft.

Pallet Pumpkins

Over at Little House of Four, Katie had some pallets lying around and decided to put them to use for some rustic Fall decor.


Katie pulled a few boards off of one of her pallets and went to work cutting them into various small sizes of squares and rectangles.  Next, she layered the pieces in stacks, creating somewhat round shapes that resembled pumpkins.  Katie glued her stacks together with wood glue, and then painted them white.  She topped each pumpkin with a twig stem.  I think these are so cute for Fall decorating!


Visit Little House of Four to get all the details on these DIY pumpkins.

Handmade Flower Carrier

Something my kids absolutely LOVE to do is pick flowers,” notes Ashley at Cherished Bliss.  “There is a state park close to us that is just gorgeous and the walking trails are covered in flowers. I made this little Burlap Flower Carrier for them to take on our walks and gather up as many flowers as their heart’s desire!”  This is a simple project that can be made with things you probably already have on hand–starting with a couple of sturdy twigs!


To make this flower carrier, Ashley cut a rectangle of burlap.  She threaded some twine through the burlap so that she could tie the twigs at either end of the burlap.  The twigs serve as handles for the carrier.  “You can whip these little guys up right out in your backyard while the kids are playing,”  Ashley says.


Click over to Cherished Bliss for the full tutorial.

Christmas Tree Topper from Sticks

Kim from Too Much Time On My Hands has a unique tree topper that she crafted from sticks that she and her kids collected one day on a hike.  That’s right–sticks! Totally free for the taking and no need to run to the crafts store for those babies!

With the addition of some twine and chicken wire, Kim crafted a rustic star that is just perfect for the top of her tree.  I like that Kim didn’t just stop when she’d formed the sticks and twine into a star.  The addition of the chicken wire adds some visual interest and gives the star a little more oomph.  Great idea, Kim!

You can learn how to make this topper and find out more about the tree it went onto at Too Much Time on My Hands.

White Twig Chandelier

All of you junkers are probably no stranger to the fabulous recreations of Donna from Funky Junk Interiors. She had this white chandelier that had been taking up residence in her garage for two years.

white chandelier

Yes, it was cute before. Nothing that really grabs you attention… but cute enough. Donna was inspired to take its cuteness to whole new level with some grapevine and willow branches from her yard. Now, that is an eye-catching chandy that demands a second look!

twig chandelier

See how Donna made it at Funky Junk Interiors.

Branch Wall Heart

Mike from Blue Velvet Chair is a big fan of decorating with elements of nature, or “forest glam,” as she calls it. Not only is it organic but also free! For this particular project, Mike gathered some twigs from her yard. Her home in Sweden boasts bushes with these beautiful red branches.


Mike twisted and formed the branches to create a heart that now hangs happily on her wall. This is great décor for Valentine’s Day or even year round. While the shape is clearly a heart, I love that it still looks loose and natural with all the hearts layered together and some twigs sticking out here and there.


Find the tutorial at Blue Velvet Chair.