Old Dress to New Decor

Marty's Musings dress before

Over at Marty’s Musings, Marty still had one of her daughter’s outgrown Easter  Dresses.  It had been worn to pieces, but one day the eyelet, pretty pink sash, and tulle petticoat caught Marty’s eye and gave her an idea.

Marty's Musings dress before

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Crib Chalkboard Easel

Lisa from Floppin Flower was super excited to find an old crib that was destined for the dump while she was out driving. She stuck the end pieces into her car, dirt and mildew included! As soon as she got home, she scrubbed off all the grime. After a trip to good ol’ Home Depot, {…Read More…}

Brown and Teal Doll Bassinet

Christen from Yankee Doodles received this wicker bassinet, along with a ton of other items to “revive,” after her mom found them on the side of the road. It sat in Christen’s garage for months until hubs demanded a cleaning spree. So inside the house it went for a good cleaning and repair job. After {…Read More…}