Grandma’s Shelf Gets Glam

Meet Holly, from McCall Manor, who asks a question many of us are probably familiar with: “You know all of those times when you scour the internet looking for a piece of furniture that has the EXACT dimensions that you need for a space and when you can’t find it online you look in your garage and realize that a piece you had been using to hold dirty garden shoes is actually perfect?”

McCall Manor weathered shelf

Well, that old garden shoe shelf once belonged in the home of her husband’s grandmother, Mam.  And as of today it belongs in Holly’s office.  Since it was the first object that would be seen as anyone walked into the room, Holly decided to pull out all the stops for this makeover.  She had her carpenter husband make a few repairs, then painted it with CeCe Caldwell’s Vermont Slate with dark wax.  For the back of the shelf, she used Pure White from Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, then applied shiny gold vinyl confetti dots that she cut out with her craft cutting machine.  It’s a big update that makes Holly happy everytime she sees it.

McCall Manor black shelf painted with gold dots

Go to McCall Manor to find out more about this rescued shelf.

Giving a Lamp Some Sparkle

At Besa GM, Besa has a lamp that she’s kind of attached to.  So attached that she just keeps transforming it as her decorating style changes!

Beso GM ceramic lamp

The most recent makeover for this lamp started with a can of spray paint that Besa already had on hand.  She completely sprayed the lamp base, changing it to a lovely silver.  When the silver paint was dry, she used black tempera paint to add a simple stenciled wreath to the lamp.   Besa already had the shade, as well, which she dressed up by trimming it with thick strips of black vinyl.  It’s a totally new lamp!

Beso GM ceramic lamp painted and stenciled

Go to Besa GM to find out more about this lamp makeover.

Lego Head Storage Bin from a Cornstarch Canister

This rescue is going to grab the attention of any parents of lego lovin’ kids (like mine!) out there.  “Recently, I emptied a square yellow container of corn starch,” says Susan at Organized 31.  That was when she realized how similar it was in size, shape, and color to the Lego head storage bins that she’d seen at the Lego store.  Hey!

Organized 31 corn starch can upcylce

To turn her empty jar of cornstarch into a Lego head, Susan started by removing the label.  She used a Sharpie pen to draw a Lego-like facial expression on each side of the container, then added color and dimension with a red sharpie and white stickers made from labels.   “Not only was this cutie free, but it only took about 10 minutes to make.  It’s also simple enough and fun enough for your kiddo to make,”  Susan says.  Awesome!

Organized 31 lego head container from cornstarch jar

Visit Organized 31 for a full tutorial on this DIYed Lego storage container.


Flea Market Find for Makeup Organization

At Bohemian Junktion, a makeup disaster prompted Shannon to help her daughter find a new solution for storing and organizing her cosmetics.  Who would have guessed they would find that solution at the flea market?

Bohemian Junktion flea market find

At the flea market, they spotted this quirky vintage metal object.  It seemed to have enough nooks and crannies for storing different tubes and pallettes, so home it came.  Actually, home they came, since there were actually two, and Shannon decided she wanted one for her cosmetics, as well.  There’s plenty of room for keeping all the makeup contained, and Shannon points out that brushes could be stored in the opening at the top, as well.  Fun idea!

Bohemian Junktion makeup organizer from flea market find

You can read about this project at Bohemian Junktion.

Vintage Luggage from a Cutie Crate

Holly blogs at The Coconut Head’s Survival Guide.  Recently, she challenged herself to upcycle one of the the small wooden boxes that Cutie clementine oranges are packaged in.

Cocnut Head's Survival Guide cutie orange box

For this upcycle, Holly was inspired by the entryway table she has that is made from a vintage suitcase.  She decided to turn the cutie box into a basket that looks like a suitcase, where her family could drop keys and other small items as they came in the door.  Holly covered the outside of the box with pleather in a pale shade.  She trimmed the edges of the box with dark brown velvet, which resembled leather.  She attached metal hardware similar to the hardware on her actual vintage suitcase.  Now, the former produce box really does look like the bottom of a suitcase, and is a perfect container for the “door clutter”, as Holly calls it.  Nifty!

Cocnut Head's Survival Guide produce box faux vintage luggage

Click over to The Coconut Head’s Survival Guide to read all about this fun upcycle project.

Dumpster Diving Produced This Gorgeous Bookshelf

“Do you know how THRILLING it is to find something decent in or around a dumpster?” asks Karen at Redoux Interiors.  She found this black bookshelf in a dumpster.  It was actually pretty good looking, but didn’t have any shelves.

Redoux Interiors dumpster found black shelf

To give this bookshelf a second chance, Karen started by giving it a thorough cleaning with TSP.  She cut four new shelves from MDF she already had on hand.  Karen removed the back and used spray adhesive to apply a pretty floral fabric to it.  She painted the bookshelf in the color Vermont Slate, from Cece Caldwell chalk paint, and sealed the entire piece in Cece Caldwell Endurance.  “I usually have a pretty good vision of how it will look when I am finished.  This time, the finished product looked so much better than I ever imagined,” Karen says.  It’s really beautiful!

Redoux Interiors gray shelf gray floral interior

Go to Redoux Interiors to see more pictures of this beautifully styled bookshelf makeover.

Valentine Heart Art in an Old Frame

At One Krieger Chick, Arien has been decorating her house for Valentine’s Day.  She was challenged to do a 15 minute craft, and decided to make something using things she already had on hand, starting with this empty frame.

One Krieger Chick empty frame burlap scrapbook paper

Arien turned this empty frame into heart art.  She cut a foam board to fit the frame, and wrapped it in burlap.  She a few pieces of twine across the burlap background.  Then, Arien cut hearts out of pretty paper and clipped them onto the twine with mini clothespins.  “I shopped my house for this project and did not purchase a thing,” Arien notes.  “It’s a perfect way to use up small supplies or scraps!”

One Krieger Chick Valentine heart art

Visit One Krieger Chick to learn more about this Valentine heart art.

Skateboard Wall Art

“When my 16 year old son asked if he could borrow my sander, I had to check out what he was up to,” says Sharon from I Restore Stuff.  She was delighted to discover that he had independently decided to turn an old skateboard into a work of art for his room.

I Restore Stuff old skateboard

To get the look he was going for, Sharon’s son had removed the wheels from the skateboard.  He sanded away the painted finish until the wood underneath was completely exposed.  Sharon showed him how to apply Miss Mustard Seed’s Hemp Oil do deepen the wood tone.  Her son threaded twine through the holes in the board where the wheels had been, creating a simple criss-cross design, along with a way to hang up the skateboard.  Hung on the chalkboard wall in his room, this skateboard art is perfect for a teen boy’s room!

I Retore Stuff sanded skateboard wall art

Get more details on this project by visiting I Restore Stuff.